Netflix Released A Mini-Episode Where The Fab 5 Visit A Town Called Yass

Did you already finish the second season of Queer Eye? Wish there was more? Well, Netflix has got you covered, because they just dropped a surprise episode on Youtube.

Even though the second season has only been out for a week, many have already binged the series and moved on to other things. In the second season, the Fab 5 were seen visiting a town called Gay and giving the first makeover to a transgender man in Queer Eye history.

But if you haven’t had enough of the Fab 5 just yet, you can enjoy them for a special 20-minute mini-episode found down below.

In the episode, the Fab 5 visit a town called Yass in New South Wales, Australia. While there, they not only see the sights, but they also take the time to give two makeovers.

The team fist meets a 50-year-old rancher named George who was initially scared of the group.

As Jonathan Van Ness said:  “I do think George has never had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani Brit ever come so aggressively at him for cuddles.”

Then, Antoni and Bobby went to a bistro in town to give its look and menu a total transformation.

Want to see how the final changes turned out? Check them out in the full video down below.

Mike Pence's Wife is a Fan of "Queer Eye," Says Karamo Brown

In a recent interview with Vulture, Queer Eye’s culture expert Karamo Brown dropped a bombshell: Mike Pence’s wife is a fan of the Netflix show.

Brown revealed he met with Karen Pence and her chief of staff to “discuss arts but also speak about LGBT issues.” 

Brown clarified that while the second lady didn’t tell him she’s a fan directly, some of her staffers told him she is a fan of the show.

In the interview, hair expert Jonathan Van Ness was too quick to interject once the Pences became a part of the conversation. “She’s our biggest fan,” said Van Ness. She watches it every night. Her and dad like to watch it every night in their modesty outfits. But they watch it completely separated because it’s improper to look at each other face to face when you watch gay men.”

“There’s something about the Pences, I just freak out,” Van Ness said as Brown tried to elaborate. “She doesn’t like you, girl! She don’t like us.”

“No matter if someone has personal feelings about my sexuality or how they view me,” Brown said. “It’s all of our job to continue to show up in spaces where we can say, ‘You know what? I can figure out how to try to work with you.’ ”

Van Ness apologized for his interruptions at the end of the video interview. “I’m sorry I made fun of the Pences so much,” he said. “I’m sure you guys are like, super nice.”

Mike Pence is, of course, notoriously anti-gay. He has repeatedly voted against anti-hate crime legislation in Congress, and he’s expressed support for amending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Pence also has allegedly expressed support for conversion therapy in the past. And his on-again off-again spat with Olympian Adam Rippon is a always entertaining.

It looks like the video interview we’re quoting has been removed or made private on YouTube. Here’s more of the interview with Vulture, but with no naming names. The second season of Queer Eye is now streaming on Netflix.


h/t: http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/392858-queer-eye-star-recounts-his-visit-with-karen-pence

What To Watch This Weekend: 'Man In An Orange Shirt' And The Return Of 'Queer Eye'

Need some suggestions for TV this weekend? Here's two must-see queer TV highlights.

• Produced to observe the 50th anniversary of when homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK, Man In An Orange Shirt chronicles two love stories sixty years apart.

In the 1940s, lovers Michael (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Thomas (James McArdle), live under threat of jail if their affair is discovered, leading Michael to marry a woman, Flora (Joanna Vanderham). 

Moving to the present, the second half of the two and a half hour movie reveals Flora (a luminous Vanessa Redgrave) as grandmother to a young gay man, Adam (Julian Morris), who is in the midst of his own sexual confusion. 

TV Guide Magazine called the film, "A powerful Masterpiece movie that bridges generations with its tale of repressed and forbidden affections."

And The Boston Globe wrote"I was afraid the message of “Man in an Orange Shirt” would be simplistic — being gay was hard then, but it’s easy now, look how far we’ve come, etc. But the film, strewn with symbols that carry from one story to the other, has other things in mind, and they make it distinctly moving."

You can catch the film on PBS’s Masterpiece this Sunday. The DVD becomes available on June 19.



• And, starting today, you can stream all 8 episodes of Season 2 of Netflix's Queer Eye.

This season the 'make better' show expands its scope of 'mentees' including a transgender man named Skyler and a beloved church mama.

Get the tissues cause I'm not crying, you're crying.



Two Couples From Queer Eye's First Season Have Tied The Knot

Back in February, we shared with you the news that AJ, who appeared on an episode of the revived Queer Eye show, got engaged to his long-time boyfriend.

Now, we’re happy to share with you the fact that AJ is now married!

If you don’t know, AJ appeared on Netflix’s Queer Eye as a man who, while having a boyfriend for several years, was not out to his family.

By the end of the episode titled “To Gay or Not Too Gay,” the Fab Five had helped him switch up his wardrobe, clean his apartment, and come out to his step-mom.

The episode was so powerful that the Queer Eye team has been keeping tabs on AJ. Not only did they share the fact that AJ had gotten engaged, but they were also happy to share that he had married too.

That said, AJ isn’t the only happy marriage that the show’s cast and crew have seen since recording the first season. Earlier this month, Tom Jackson got married to his ex-wife Abby Parr (Again!).

Jackson appeared on the first episode of the season. In it, the self-proclaimed redneck rekindled the flame between him and Parr. That eventually led to the two getting married at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after the recording.

Congratulations to the happy couples!

h/t: PinkNews

One Of The 'Queer Eye' Guys Just Put A Ring On It!

One of the Queer Eye guys popped the question last night and will soon be heading down what is certain to be a very styling aisle.

At a surprise birthday party in Los Angeles at sbe's HYDE Sunset, Queer Eye’s culture expert Karamo Brown proposed to his partner of eight years, director Ian Jordan.

Dropping to one knee, Brown put a ring on it - a gorgeous David Yurman ring no less - with these words: 

“You are the funniest man I know, the kindest man, my biggest cheerleader. All of these things I accomplish, is only because when I get home, I know that I have you. You made me feel like I could do anything and I just want you to know that I hope we can conquer the world together for the rest of our lives, Ian Lamont Jordan, will you marry me?”

Surrounding the happy couple were family members, Karamo‘s two sons, their closest friends, and his Queer Eye co-stars Tan France, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski.

Watch the magic moment below via ET:



Karamo and Ian shared the news on Instagram soon after:



Even before Queer Eye, it looks like Karamo and Ian were already living a happy, stylish life:


Karamo Brown Announces He's Working with a Controversial Clothing Brand

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown, who is a man of many hats as of late, has decided to partner with a very controversial clothing brand for an ad that he's creating with them.

The brand is H&M, who faced a ton of backlash earlier this year after featuring a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase "coolest monkey in the jungle" etched on the front. 

Karamo, who has been an outspoken advocate about equal rights for all, decided to talk about his decision to work with them prior to the ad being released on his Instagram stories Thursday.

"Tomorrow I am going to share a project I am doing w/ @HM.  I was aware of H&M's controversy- an image on their website portrayed a child of African decent (SP) wearing a hoodie with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle". Rather than rejecting the idea of working with H&M all together, I decided to use this as an opportunity to start a conversation with the company about cultural sensitivity."

"I met with executives at H&M to discuss how the company could ensure, through practical training and tools, an elimination of cross-cultuural misunderstanding and, instead encourage positive cross-cultural relationships going forward. I was excited by their desire to create new checks and balances to keep everyone working with and for H&M accountable, so that they can prevent these instances from happening in the future."

"I'm excited for everyone to see the fashion ad I am created with @HM tomorrow!  This is a bran that I love so much and have patronized for so long.  And I'll keep you updated as I continue to meet with them & discuss cultural sensitivity."

What are your thoughts regarding Karamo working wtih H&M? 

Single Father Karamo Brown Had A Heart-To-Heart With Twitter About Parenting

We here at Instinct have already shared how much we love Karamo Brown (just look at all the articles we've written about him!), but WOW does this guy make it hard NOT to love him.

Acting as one of the new Fab Five, Karamo Brown has found that being on the road to produce Queer Eye is a challenging job. While he’s loving what he’s doing, he also feels bad about being on the move away from his sons. As a single father on the road, he can’t help but feel a little guilty.

As Karamo tweeted out yesterday (April 16), these feelings won't go away.

As you might expect, all of his followers and fans (and even some strangers who just happened to come across the tweet) shared words of love and acceptance back at the rising star.

We at Instinct Magazine have to, again, express how much we love Karamo Brown for how goal-driven he is while still keeping his humanity and down-to-earth personality.

We know his sons are honored to be his children and we’re sure that they love their dad for the work that he is doing.

You've Gotta See These AMAZING Drawings of the 'Queer Eye' Cast!

The fab five from the Queer Eye reboot are getting a RuPaul's Drag Race type of treatment in terms of artists & illustrators wanting to draw each of them from a super creative standpoint (Several queens from RPDR have shared artwork that fans have done of them since the show's initial season.)

Given the popularity that these five are experiencing (Netlix already renewed the show for a second season), it doesn't come as much of a surprise that at least one person out there wanted to showcase them in art form, and the results are absolutely incredible to look at!

San Francisco based illustrator Emma Munger recently shared five individual drawings of the new fab five (Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness), and they are just so much fun to look at.  Each show their personalities that we have all come to know and love so well, and the detail that Emma puts into all of the drawings is nothing short of exquisite.

Take a look at what she was able to create (you can see more at her official website and Instagram here): 

Which one is your favorite?

Karamo Brown

Antoni Poroswki​

Tan France

Bobby Berk

Jonathan Van Ness 

Antoni Porowski's Underwear Pic Leaves us All Hot & Bothered

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has a thing for making his followers weak in the knees just from his sheer handsomeness alone (not to take anything away from how attractive his four counterparts are.  Hayyyyyy Karamo Brown).

His latest social media share, which has him sporting a pair of Hanes underwear and nothing else, just might make the internet implode any second now from its insane hotness.  Warning, side effects from seeing this photo might make you sweat, cry, get stiff in certain areas, call an ambulance, and even scream "YASSSS" immediately after seeing it.

Using the hashtag #vouchforthepouch, Antoni playfully puts one arm behind his back while the other right in front of his grey-colored Hanes underwear (see here). The comments on the photo, which currently has over 200,000 likes in only two days, are hilarious in terms of the thirst level some of his followers have for the budding television star.



"CHECK PULSE! OMG!" pretty much summed up how everyone felt.  Even Gus Kenworthy got in on the action here, where he said "The only way those underwear would look better is if they were on the floor..."  We couldn't agree more Gus.

What are your thoughts on Antoni's underwear pic?

YAS! Netflix Renews 'Queer Eye' For Another Season!

Looks like the new fab five clearly did something right with all the time they spent with all those straight guys in Georgia, as Netflix announced today that Queer Eye has been renewed for a second season!

Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness have all signed on for a second season after a remarkably successful first one that was lauded by fans and critics alike. 

Each of the guys (except for Antoni: where you at boo?) hopped on their social media today to express how thrilled they are about coming back for another season.





Congratulations!  And if you haven't checked it out yet, here is our exclusive with Karamo.