'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Star, Milk, Responds to Negative Social Media Comments

If you were one of the squirrels who tuned in for the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, the episode with the HIGHEST ratings EVER, last Thursday, you must have been gagged with the twist of Season One winner Bebe Zahar Benet joining the race for the coveted crown. Not just that, but we got to see many of our favorite queens return with new looks, revamped outlooks on the art of drag, and a whole lot of shade.

One particular queen snatched the wig off the heads of viewers with her snarky shade and comments in the workroom and in the confessional interviews. Milk, the dairy queen sensation, who serves eclectic club kid looks and has a unique perspective on all challenges, had people gasping when he made blatant remarks about Trixie Mattel, BenDeLaCreme and other contestants—which is typical of the environment between the queens. But the overly confident way Milk carried himself during the premiere left a bad taste of spoiled milk in people’s mouths.

I was watching the premiere in a theater with over 200 people and each time something catty came out of his mouth, everyone cringed. People were expecting this from Morgan McMichaels or Shangela, but not good ol’ “does a body good” Milk!

So naturally, during and after the premiere, the drag queen fans took to social media to make their opinions of the drag queen known. Calling him out for having a nasty attitude and being rude. But we forget that ‘reality’ or not, there is always some sort of scripted or pre-conceived agenda that goes into a television show and its possible that Milk was just playing this part. I mean, Milk is here to compete and wants to make sure everyone knows that—and why should we knock down a queen for feeling her oats and telling people she’s here to slay?

Is there more behind this gorgeous innocent face?

After reaching his limit with receiving public criticism, Milk responded to the attacks he has been receiving on social media by posting in hopes that people hear him loud and clear.

People seem to be responding to Milk’s posts, including friend and RPDR sister, BenDeLaCreme who won the first challenge and lipsync and sent Morgan McMichaels packing—or did she?

Are these posts a way to truly bring online attacks and cyber bullying to an end or is this a front to protect any other behavior that we may see from Milk for the rest of season?

'Drag Race' Winner, Raja, Marries Husband in Surprise Wedding

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 winner, Raja, married his one-year boyfriend Ryan Turner in a surprise wedding in Norwalk, California late last week. The make-up artist, drag queen, and slaying chameleon met his boyfriend online three years ago where they had a digital platonic relationship until Raja was in Toronto for a gig and ran into Ryan--and the rest is history.


Yep I’m married I love you @ryan_paul_turner this image by @marielgraphics !

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Raja, whose name is Sutan Amrullspoke with Hornet to share about why their wedding was such a secret:

We did the City Hall thing. It all happened very rapidly. We decided a long time ago that we were gonna do it. We pretty much knew from the get go that we were gonna marry each other. We just decided one day, ‘Let’s just fucking do it.’ So we found out where to go, filled out all the right paperwork, and then decided to do it immediately.

I mean--in the name of RuPaul's Drag Race: Fashion Photo RuView--these grooms' looks are definite Shooooooots!

The municipal nuptials were quick and intimate, with Raja's closest friends and family in attendance.

The city gave us several different options of where we could [get married], and there’s limited days where you can go in. We wanted to do it as soon as possible, and the next available opportunity was in Norwalk. I was like, ‘OK, that’s hood as fuck. Let’s go to Norwalk. It was a good spot, too, because my family lives in Orange County, and I have friends in Long Beach and L.A.

It's so exciting to see that one of my favorite queens--who I remember watching when I would go to my first gay club OZZ in Buena Park--has found love. Raja has always been a rebel, swim upstream, eclectic soul and this beautifully personal marriage is proof, that for Raja and his husband, what matters the most is that they are in love--and that is perfection!

Oh--and the day couldn't have been complete without RPDR Season 3 Heathers Manila Luzon and Delta Work!


Alaska Unmasks Valentina in New Parody Video 'Valentina'

The last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race left us gasping and clutching our pearls during the unexpected moment when Season 9 fan favorite, Valentina, refused to take her bedazzled face mask off during a lipsync against Nina Bo’Nina “None of Your Business” Brown.

With backlash that has been felt almost a year later for the RPDR diva, this pivotal moment in drag race herstory will certainly resonate with faithful fans for seasons to come.

Since then, Valentina has gotten her share of hate mail and online trolling for her disappointing choice that knocked her out of the race after being a front runner in the competition.

All this aside, we can now celebrate the endless material this has given us, from memes, to gifs, and now even music videos.

Enter Alaska Thunderfuck, RPDR All-stars Season 2 winner, who has put some lipstick on Luis Fonsi’s Summer bop Despacito  and rebranded it in this parody you won’t be able to get out of your damn head, Valentina.

With Alaska’s convoluted Spanish, she recounts that game-changing moment on RPDR, paying homage to her signature looks and throwing around some nonsensical lyrics that elevate the campy tune.

Check out Alaska’s video Valentina that will have you thanking the Virgen de Guadalupe

Valentina Stuns in Modeling Spread

The newest alumni from RuPaul’s Drag Race to step into the modeling world is Season 9 Miss Congeniality fan favorite Valentina. Week after week Valentina stunned on the runway of RPDR with her sickening and conceptual looks. It’s no doubt that fashion and style were the main reasons Valentina was propelled through the race—right up to her shocking elimination, of course.

It’s no wonder Mexican designer Benito Santos decided to collab with Valentina which we first saw in a teaser on Instagram

The fans nearly died and couldn’t wait to see what the two artists had in store. And the result? A fierce photo shoot and spread in Paper Magazine.


Valentina, your smile is beautiful!

RuPaul's Drag Race Receives Emmy Nomination for Best Reality Show

Hey, Kitty Girl! After 11 seasons (9 seasons and 2 All-Stars seasons), RuPaul’s Drag Race has been nominated for an Emmy for best reality show!





RPDR has been on the rise of popularity since its debut in 2009. The show that has taken gay culture by storm and turned popular culture upside down as season after season we have fallen in love with the queens battling to snatch the crown and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

But until now, RPDR has gone overlooked by the Emmy voters and left us wondering—when will this phenomenon get the recognition it deserves? Last year, RuPaul earned his first-ever Creative Arts Emmy nomination and subsequent win for Outstanding Host for a Reality Competition Program—and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

This year, RPDR has left Emmy voters gagging! RuPaul’s Drag Race has received a record 8 nominations for Season 9, including Outstanding Reality Competition Program. Halleloo!

With season highlights including feuds between Valentina and Aja, Trinity Taylor and Eureka, Shea Coleé and Nina Bonina Nicole Brown Simpson, Alexis Michelle and everyone else—no one should be surprised that Season 9 was not only the most watched season in RPDR herstory, but the tipping point to finally show the world that drag has taken LGBTQIA culture to the next level and won the hearts of all who watch.

The full list of nominations on Emmys.com, include:

  • Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
  • Outstanding Host for a Reality-Competition Program
  • Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
  • Outstanding Hairstyling for a Multi-Camera Series or Special
  • Outstanding Picture Editing for a Structured or Competition Reality Program
  • Outstanding Costumes for Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Programming
  • Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program

The 8th nomination comes in for RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! Can you guess why?

Condragulations, Mama Ru and the whole RPDR family—You’re all perfect! You’re all beautiful! You all look like Linda Evangelistas—well, you know the rest.

Get ready to get sickening at your Emmys viewing parties when it airs on September 17th!