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First Same-Sex Weddings Take Place in Australia

After Australia's recent victory for the LGBT community in making same-sex marriages legally permissible, the first couple tied the knot this weekend. Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, got married in Syndey without having to wait the 30-day period necessary for couples to start exchanging vows. According to the couple was married, both in white gowns, after 18 months of planning that became a history-making moment for the people of Australia.

Equal Marriage Rights Australia was thrilled to announce the union of the two women as soon as it occured:



The couple was given a special dispensation for the waiting period because their families were traveling from Wales to attend what was originally scheduled to be a commitment ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Amy McDonald, 36, and Elise McDonald, 28, were granted permission to bypass the waiting period due to their families flying in from overseas. The couple married in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens.

Other couples are set to marry this week as permissions have been granted due to serious health issues that they each face.

The first weddings in Australia are set to be performed on January 9, 2018 once the 30-day waiting period is officially lifted.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Supports Same-Sex Marriage

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has voiced his support for same-sex marriage for the people of the Philippines. Duterte shared his words during a gathering of LGBT people in Davao City as he announced the plan to create an LGBT commission. Duterte urged the LGBT citizens of the Philippines to nominate their "brightest" and most "honest" citizens for the commission or for those individuals to come forward to join him.

During the speaking engagement, Duterte changed his tune on the topic of same-sex marriage, a topic that he has strictly and publicly opposed in the past.

According to ABC Online, some of his comments for same-sex marriage include:

I said I am for [same-]sex marriage if that is the trend of the modern times.

If that will add to your happiness, I am for it.

Why impose a morality that is no longer working and almost passed.

So I am with you.

Duterte is known for his discriminatory comments and just this year he made a embarrassing statements about prisoners who he felt were "beyond reform" because their time in prison had resulted in them turning gay.

Last year, he insulted an openly gay U.S. ambassador:

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He also claims to work toward legislation for same-sex marriage in the Philippines, one of the most accepting LGBT Asian countries that has seen such little legal progress or inclusivity.

Has Duterte honestly changed the way he feels about the LGBT community or this his way of trying to push a different agenda or to build his cabinet? In any case, it looks like this is a step in the right direction for our LGBT pinoy brothers and sisters.

Australia Votes YES for Marriage Equality!

After an eight-week postal survey polling Australian residents on whether or not same-sex marriage should be lawful throughout Australia, the results are in!

At 10 a.m. on November 15th, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the final vote is a YES!

The Aussies have spoken and the results are:

  • 7,817,247 – YES 61.6%
  • 4,873,987 – NO 38.4%

12,727,920 total voters 79.5% total electorate

Here is footage of the gathering in Sydney for the announcement (video from DNA Magazine's Facebook Page). Skip ahead to the 21 minute mark for THE moment.



Over 12.6 million people participated in the voluntary postal survey, that’s about ¾ of the entire Australian electorate.

This has been one of the most pivotal moments in Australia’s history, creating massive dialogue between campaigns for and against the proposed law.

According to a press release issued by the Human Rights Watch:

The postal survey in effect submitted the human rights of the LGBT population to a popularity contest, putting gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in a vulnerable position. For two months, their lives and identities were open to public debate, scrutiny, evaluation, and sometimes abuse.

During this period, some groups opposing marriage equality used scare tactics to lure voters to their side. Opponents stoked fears that a “yes” victory would pose a threat to religious freedom. The opponents circulated posters and advertising campaigns with misleading information and sometimes outright lies.

Upon news of the historic results, Alex Greenwich from the Equality Campaign shared:

This happened because millions of Australians reached out to our own families, neighbourhoods, organisations – to stand up for equality, stand by our loved ones and share why YES was so important

You’ve done it. It’s YES.

Now, because of you, ours will be the last generation in which LGBTI relationships are not equal under the law. For the young person growing up in a small town, for the couple who have been together 40 years, and the person who’s been longing to propose: you belong here, your love is celebrated and honoured here, and never again will you be made to feel otherwise by our country’s laws.

So pick up the phone right now. Call your son or daughter. Text your best friend. Hug your grandma. High-five the coffee guy. Pump the music in your office. Put a shiny new badge on your profile pic. Give your child a great big cuddle. Because today in Australia, fairness and equality triumphed, and we can all be proud.

Congratulations, Australia! The survey is only the beginning on a path to parliament adoption which would make Australia the 25th country with marriage equality. Let's get ready for some fabulous weddings in the land down under!














Australian Kid Campaigners Take a Stance for Same-Sex Marriage

The debate for same-sex marriage in Australia has created one the greatest divisions in their history. For a country that many feel is open-minded and progressive, it is surprising to know that same-sex marriage is not already law of the land.

With Australia’s same-sex marriage survey closing on November 7th, many have taken to different campaigns urging voters to help in the passing of this law. Results from the survey are due on November 15th when we will know if Australia joins the ranks of the 24 other countries around the world who have already legalized same-sex marriages.

One point of view that has gotten much attention is of the Australian youth. Both positive and negative opinions have risen from a video that journalist Patrick Abboud has hosted via The Feed SBS Viceland featuring kid campaigners from Australia that has posed their perspective on this very important political and social issue. The video depicts a young boy, six-year-old Archie, who is shown spreading love by placing rainbow flags in mailboxes as he rides his bicycle from home to home. This interview with Archie is juxtaposed with protests by religious groups who are against the Australian same-sex law. The video also leads to rural Australia to show a teenager, Jim, who has taken his platform for same-sex marriage to Instagram—asking Aussies to put on some rainbow socks and snapping their pic.

Here’s the video that is making waves with controversy.

Bermuda's Government Is Trying To Re-Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Bermuda is trying to become the first country to re-ban same-sex marriage.

The first gay couples to get married in Bermuda did so only in May of this year. This was after the island’s Supreme Court ruled the ban on same-sex marriage to be discriminatory.

Bermuda’s legislative branch however has introduced a bill that would take away same sex-marriage (which was only legalized a few months ago).

The bill, titled “Domestic Partnership Bill,” was introduced by the Minister of Home Affairs named Walton Brown.

This bill, if passed into law, would not be able to affect already married couples, but it would make it so that any new couples could only be given “domestic partnerships” and not marriage. (Plus, straight couples could opt for partnerships instead of marriage too).

As Brown stated, “This topic has been a prolonged matter of great division in our country.

“The purpose of this public consultation period is to gain feedback from the public on the current draft Bill regarding domestic partnerships and answer any questions that anyone might have.

“Stakeholder groups have already been informed as we seek to move forward in a collaborative way.”

In addition, Brown is looking for members of the public to share their thoughts on his new bill in order to see if the general populace supports the idea of replacing same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships.

“Members of the public are invited to send comments and questions to the following email address:

“There will be a two week public consultation period which will begin today and conclude on Wednesday November 15.”

Nearly 1,000,000 Americans Are Now In Same-Sex Marriages


A recent Gallup poll estimates that 96,000 gay weddings have taken place in the U.S. since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. 

The survey reveals that it isn’t just couples who reside in states where gay marriage had previously been banned who are electing to tie the knot in increasing numbers, but also couples who reside in states that had previously ruled in favor of marriage equality. 

“Currently, 49% of same-sex couples living together in states where same-sex marriages were already legal report being married, compared with 42% prior to the decision. That means same-sex couples living together in these states are now as likely to be married as not.”

According to Gallup, there are now approximately 972,000 Americans in same-sex marriages. In all, 9.6% of LGBT Americans describe themselves as being married to a same-sex partner, up from 7.9% before the Supreme Court’s landmark decision.

Congratulations to all of the happy newlyweds!


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Prop. 8's Stay Has Been Lifted!

Updated Friday at 3:45 p.m. (PST):

We just received word that the Prop. 8 plaintiffs, Jeff Zarrillo & Paul Katami, will marry tonight in L.A., while Kris Perry & Sandy Stier are already in line at S.F City Hall. California Attorney General Kamala Harris will marry the ladies, while L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will reportedly marry the guys later today. Below are photos of both couples obtaining their certificates:


Congrats to both couples!!


Original Post:

Despite initial reports that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would wait 25 days to lift the stay on Prop. 8, the discriminatory rule was officially killed this afternoon! The court has now cleared the way for gay marriages to resume in California.

All it took was one sentence—“The stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately—by the appeals court judge to put the original trial court ruling (which struck down Prop. 8) back into place.

HRC president Chad Griffin said of today's news, “After four and a half long and painful years, justice for committed gay and lesbian couples has finally been delivered. In California, a time of struggle and indignity are over, and love, justice and freedom begin anew. And now, no election, no judge—no one—can take this basic right away. At long last, marriage has finally returned to the most populous state in the nation."

The court lifted its stay based on an injunction which orders state officials to stop enforcing Prop. 8. Governor Jerry Brown had initially ordered the state to begin issuing marriage licenses as soon as the stay was lifted. Reports indicate that same-sex couples are welcome to obtain marriage certificates effective immediately. 


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