Sam Smith And Logic Joined Together For New Music Video "Pray"

Logic’s celebrating LGBTQ representation again, though this time it’s at the assistance of a big LGBTQ voice.

Yesterday, UK singer Sam Smith dropped the music video for his new single “Pray.” The openly gay singer already had a song under that title in his second album The Thrill of It All, but released a single version that features lyrics from rapper Logic.

Some of the lyrics within the song go:

“We are all looking around at what’s happening in the world and it is just messed.”

“You’ve got no choice but to look up to the sky and put your hands together and pray for something to happen, because I feel helpless as a human right now.”

As for the music video itself, Smith performs the song while standing in beautiful rooms within a grand manor house after riding across the Italian waters of Lake Como in a speed boat.

You can check out the music video to Sam Smith's new single version of "Pray" down below.

See Brandon Flynn's Adorable Pic Of His Parents With BF Sam Smith


These two are so cute that I think I'm going to be physically ill. Like, I legitimately need some Tums right now. We've seen singer Sam Smith and his adorable 13 Reasons Why actor boyfriend Brandon Flynn in some pretty ::ahem:: compromising positions while out and about, but now instead of swapping spit, the hot celeb duo is swapping hugs... with Flynn's parents! Was that weird? Yes? Good. 

Smith and Flynn made their relationship public this past October, and since then have been lighting up the Gay Internet with their enviable romance. Thanks to an Instagram pic posted by Flynn over the weekend, we know that his parents are just as into Smith as we are! Bringing home a gorgeous, internationally famous, Grammy Award-winning stud with the voice of an angel must have been a really tough sell for Flynn.



Seriously, the twenty-four-year-old Flynn and twenty-five-year-old Smith are complete relationship goals, and it's great for gay babies out there to not only have these two to look up to, but Flynn's parents as well for their accepting attitude. On a scale from one to ten, how jealous are you of Flynn and Smith's A-list romance? 


Sam Smith Speaks Out On THOSE PDA Pics With BF Brandon Flynn


You guys weren't living for my Brandon Flynn / Sam Smith "Doggie Style" headline - even though I thought it was super cool and cute - so this time around we're cutting right to the chase. Last month the celebrity boyfriends were caught by the paps during a serious make out sesh, and due to the fact that it looked like they were attempting to suck the demons out of each other for an impromptu exorcism, the pics quickly went viral.

Now Smith is finally addressing one of the most talked about celebrity moments of the year, and he does so in the most hilarious way possible! The British songstress was chatting it up on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw when he spilled:

We were just waiting outside the shop while my sister got cigarettes. I was just joking. I was literally licking his eyeballs. He looks like Ursula sucking the voice out of Ariel. It’s so embarrassing.

Now that's a visual! These two could not be any cuter, and it's great that they can joke about something as personal as a private, silly moment going viral. Would you risk embarrassment to be Ursula-ed by either of these two? TBH, Flynn could full-blown Scar me into a ravine and I'd be okay with it. These pap pics are zirconium opal ring crusade preferred status, so you'll need to hit the link below to see the PDA pics in question so I don't get sued.

Head HERE for the make out pics


Sam Smith And Boyfriend Brandon Flynn Look Adorable In L.A.


British singing sensation Sam Smith and his adorable actor boyfriend Brandon Flynn are definitely the talk of the gay town, and their A-list relationship has garnered a surprising amount of interest from the paparazzi. For as much as I want to see Bella Hadid's you-know-where as she gets out of a car or Justin Bieber's nude pics (um, actually I do want to see those) I'm glad that the paps are spending their time capturing the adorable gay romance between Sam and Brandon! Or as the mainstream tabloids need to coin them - Bam. Or, Srandon. Or, neither.

Yesterday the delish dynamic duo were caught out and about in Los Angeles while walking their adorable little doggie. Just last month we saw some pics of the fellas swapping spit in public, and from the expressions on their faces in that frame-worthy moment, it seems safe to say that their romance is still as hot and heavy as ever. Today's pics show a more subdued side to their relationship, but both fellas are still looking insanely fine, and while they aren't bruising each other's brains with their tongues, they are still holding hands in every single one of the pics. So cute!

Smith and Flynn began dating this past December, and hopefully will continue to bring the much-needed gayness to the paps for years to come. No offense, Bella and your box. These pics of Smith and Flynn walking their pooch are premium emerald exclusive plus, so you'll need to hit the link below to check them out!

Head HERE for the pics