Singer Sia Refused To Take Photo with Trump for Queer and Mexican Fans

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sia recently revealed that one time she had refused to have her photo taken with Donald Trump because of her queer and Mexican fans.

Back in 2015, Sia performed on Saturday Night Livethe same day that Donald Trump was hosting the episode. Sia also remembers that Ivanka had been in the audience.

She said that after the show, Donald and Ivanka were excited to meet her so they ran backstage.

She says Ivanka had a camera and Trump said:

“We’ve got to get a photo!”

However, Sia says that although she is usually afraid of hurting people’s feelings, she know what the photo would mean to her fans so she said:

“Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think I support your views.”

Rather than associate herself with Trump for the popularity or simply to have a photograph, Sia understood what this might mean and decided to not take part.

She also recalls that he didn’t seem “angry or hurt” but rather said, “Oh, no problem. Then don’t.” She thinks he viewed it as her protecting her brand and respected that from a business standpoint.

Sia is openly bisexual and has always been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.


h/t: Rolling Stone

Beefy & Hunky Jay Mohr Goes Full-Frontal in Logan Lynn Music Video

Jay Mohr has always been one of those underrated hotties for close to three decades now. For instance, Jerry Maguire had more eye candy in it than just Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. And he's up there in terms of being one of the hottest men to have ever flexed their comedy chops on Saturday Night Live, a show he was apart of from 1993-1995.

Now the 48-year-old has done something many of us never expected: going completely full-frontal in a music video for an openly gay artist. This became a reality when musician, singer and television personality Logan Lynn released his new video for "Nothing's Ever Wrong" on Monday, which shows the New Jersey native in the buff.

Logan and Jay both have major history with one another prior to this video being made. His latest album, My Movie Star (out October 12th), is actually inspired by Lynn's collaborations with Mohr. He shifted gears with his newest effort, which finds him going in a different direction emotionally compared to his last albums which dealt primarily with mental health (something he is a huge advocate of).



“My last record in 2016 was all about mental health, all about my recovery and my journey from sickness to wellness and this new album is an album about love, right?," he told Spill Magazine. "They’re love songs, these are songs about navigating the world as a public person, they’re about my inner life, the inner lives of the people I love and how that’s perceived by the outside world and so it’s very different. I think this album is more conceptual, it’s not about mental health"

"This one is topically much more about love and just life, and Hollywood, and my experience of being around movie stars and folks that are famous: just getting to see what that means in real life versus the projection that they all carry around," he continued. "It was also an opportunity for me to change my sound a bit. [I’ve been] known for doing this rambunctious dance music for years and years, then I morphed into more of an indie or college rock sound over the last couple albums and then this is just me with a grand piano. It really strips down and is intimate and quiet.”



Logan and Jay already released a featurette back in February, also called "My Movie Star," That made its exclusive premiere on BuzzBands LA. The short film featured three previously unreleased songs from the upcoming album of the same name. Jay was not only the inspiration for it, but he also produced and co-wrote it as well.

There are two version of the video for "Nothing is Ever Wrong," one of which features Jay's front and back and the R-rated version which only features the latter. NSFW (of course), but the full-frontal version can be seen here.

Jay already has made jokes about everyone seeing his private parts.




Goddammit I love this man! #JayMohr #MyMovieStar #NothingsEverWrong #Hollywood #BobSugar #FullFrontal #Premiere

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Serve it Up: John Mulaney Stars as a Sassy Drag Brunch Waitress on 'SNL'

Could John Mulaney's drag character of Tawny Pockets sashay onto season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race?

The hilarious comedian made his way back to Saturday Night Live (he was a writer for ten years there), where he took on his first ever job as host for the legendary late-night sketch show.

He played the role of drag brunch waitress Tawny Pockets in a truly memorable sketch that stars him alongside four diners (Pete Davidson, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Alex Moffat).

The diners in question mimic how heterosexuals can be (allegedly) when they enter a drag brunch of sorts, where Aidy's character tells the group about the silliness that's about to occur.  "The waiters are in drag and they say catty things to you,” she tells the group. “It’s fun!”

Tawny then enters into the scene, where she creates some pretty memorable one-liners that would work very well on RPDR.  Here are some of our favorites:

"Good morning, bitches!  The good lord named me Tawny Pockets and I will be your server-ess."

"Canal Street called and wants that fake-ass Chanel purse back immediately!"

"Yas queen, that bag is as fake as my orgasms, trust!"

But things take a bit of a serious turn when the group encourages Tawny to read Moffat's character of Gary to filth.

"You've never worked for anything in your life," Tawny begins.  "You've had everything handed to you.  One thing you haven't been able to purchase is a personality... a soul. OKURR?"

Then Tawny walks away as the studio audience laughs emphatically.  While the other three were very amused by Tawny's shade towards them, Gary just looks confused about it all.  "With you guys she was really superficial, and then with me, she got like... dark."

Then things escalate between them as the sketch goes on, and at one point, Tawny makes a shocking confession about why she's being extra shady to Gary.  Chante, you stay Tawny.

See the full clip here:





Have You Seen the 'Queer Eye/SNL' Crossover?

Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye took Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in a new Queer Eye/SNL crossover video posted on the SNL YouTube page.



Pete who is SNL’s resident awkward funny man took some advice from Tan to get rid of what he calls his “guido trash” look. A hilarious video that takes us through a fashion montage of Pete in different outfits and educates us on the cost of a mannequin.

One of the highlights of the video is when Tan discovers that Pete has a hole in his underwear after having a chat about the difference between boxers and briefs and how much or little support each provides.



To help Tan out, SNL cast member Heidi Gardner steps in to reconfigure the looks she knows Pete to have and play it down a bit.

Now Pete Davidson is ready for a night out with his girlfriend.

Watch the video here:



h/t: SNL YouTube