Homophobic Blog Post Postpones House Minimum Wage Hearing

The end of 2018 seems to be the time in which people's pasts come back to bite them. First Kevin Hart's resurfaced homophobic tweets from 2010 caused him to step down from hosting the Oscar's and now a meeting to discuss a $15.00 minimum wage had to be postponed because of homophobic blog posts made in 2002 by the would-be speaker, Joseph Sabia, according to CNBC.

The push for a federal minimum wage of $15.00 an hour has been a longstanding issue between Democrats and Republicans. As such, House Republicans set up a hearing to discuss the potential downsides of a $15.00 minimum wage, and chose San Diego State Economics Professor Joseph Sabia to testify on the effects of raising the wage.

However, a 2002 blog post made by Sabia was discovered in which he says that "homosexual acts" should be taxed and regulated. The post reads: 

 In gay sex, we have an activity that is clearly leading to disastrous health consequences. What rational person would engage in this sort of activity? There is only one solution — let's tax it.

All sex can lead to "disastrous health consequences" and "rational" people have been engaging in gay sex since people have been around. Not to mentioned implementing a gay sex tax would be extremely difficult. Anyway, here is the continuation of the post:

In all seriousness, the bottom line is this — the government has no business interfering in the lives of smokers, fatties, or gays. In America, each citizen ought to be free to choose the risks he is willing to take and the potential rewards (or costs) he may receive. He should be free to make choices that could lead to heart disease, diabetes, or HIV. And if these bad outcomes materialize, he should not look to the public dole for relief.

As he so eloquently puts it, "smokers, fatties, and gays" should not receive government assistance because they are putting themselves at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and HIV by being themselves. There are more than one way to contract any of the three things he mentioned, not just from smoking, being heavy, or being gay.

He did apologize for the post, however, saying "I regret the hurtful and disrespectful language I used as a satirical college opinion writer 20 years ago." Make of that what you will. I don't know him personally so I can't say with great certainty that he's changed, but a lot can happen in almost seventeen years. He also rejects the accusations of homophobia, as he said that he's "a gay man in a long-term, committed relationship."

Democrat California Representative Mark Takano said in response to the blog post that it is shameful and disgraceful that the GOP invited Sabia to be a witness and that the posts should automatically disqualify him as speaking as an expert and that the postponing of the hearing was the wrong move by the Republicans, as they should have just disavowed Sabia and continued with the hearing. The hearing would have been the first minimum wage hearing that Republicans have held in eight years.

Raising the federal minimum wage is something that should definitely be discussed between the two parties. Was postponing it the only option? And did Sabia really change? We can only speculate. 

h/t: CNBC

Facebook's New Community Standards Ban Users From Expressing Their Sexual Preferences

First Tumblr and now Facebook!

Censorship has been coming down hard this week, though this latest story has been months in the making.

On October 15, Facebook updated its community standards to specify what counts as “sexual solicitation.” PC Mag reports that the social media platform sees any mention of sexual roles and expression of sexual preference as a warning sign for sexual solicitation.

These “red flags” of “abusive behavior” will not only be monitored on Facebook posts but also links and images shared as well. This also goes for other social media apps owned by Facebook like Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Again, this change went into effect in October, and is only now being noticed. Why, you might ask? Because of Tumblr’s recent announcement that it will be banning all adult content on December 17th. Many are comparing the two social media platforms and noting their specific effect on queer culture.

Many LGBTQ users use Facebook to engage and discuss queer issues and perspectives on life. There are a multitude of Facebook groups and chats where users think they have the privilege to express themselves, their sexualities, and their ways of life.

But now, it appears that Facebook is openly opposing such discussions.

In addition, Facebook users mysteriously saw a crackdown on LGBTQ advertisements on the social media platform in October. Users complained after many LGBTQ themed ads were blocked by the company. Facebook then told the Washington Post that this surge of censorship was an error in the system.

As the Washington Post wrote:

"The rejections, the majority of which Facebook told The Post were in error, underscore the company’s challenges in regulating the massive amount of information flowing through its service, an issue that burst into the fore after the disclosure that Russian-state actors used advertisements on Facebook to sow discord during the 2016 U.S. election. But they also touch on a deeper tension as the company seeks to better regulate political uses of its platform."


On the outside, it’s hard to tell how these community standards are effecting LGBTQ groups and organizations. But, we can provide a possible example.

One Instinct reader messaged us to express how FB had flagged two attempts at sharing one of our articles. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a “flesh piece” sharing an Instagram model or naughty music video. Instead, it was an article about how Taiwan’s lawmakers are trying to settle for gay unions instead of legalizing gay marriage.

While the post was approved after the Instincter requested a second review, this is a sign that Facebook’s algorithm is notched against LGBTQ content. Of course, this isn’t whole and total proof, but we LGBTQ social media users should be on our guard.

It seems the American internet is currently on a wave of censorship, and LGBTQ users are taking the hardest hit.

Tumblr Announces New Ban On Adult Content

Tumblr has announced it will soon implement a permanent ban on adult content.

Read that "no more pornography."

A statement posted to the social media’s blog says, “Starting Dec 17, adult content will not be allowed on Tumblr, regardless how old you are.”

The ban comes after Tumblr was recently removed from Apple’s App Store over concerns about child pornography. 

The announcement goes on to list exactly what will be considered adult content: “Photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts.”

That said, there are some exceptions like photos of classical statues, breastfeeding or depictions of nudity for the purpose of political protest.

Literary erotica will, however, be allowed. 

The blog post says the company is reaching out to Tumblr users whose content might be suspect per new algorithms that will detect the offending material.

After December 17, that content will be set to ‘private’ preventing other folks from seeing it and from be shared.

Tumblr is urging users to export their content before the new policies take place. 

“There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content,” said CEO Jeff  D’Onofrio in a statement. “We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.”

This announcement comes not long after another policy change, announced in August, which banned hate speech, revenge porn and posts that appear to be the “glorification of violence.”

Tumblr is owned by a subsidiary of Verizon that also owns Yahoo, AOL, MapQuest, and the Huffington Post.

Twitter had to chime in, of course:

(h/t Tumblr, Newsweek)

Madonna Encourages Us to Vote With a Blast From the Past on Social Media

This is the push, guys. Midterm elections are TOMORROW, and it’s time to encourage everyone to get out and make their voices heard. 

The Queen of Pop is aware of this, and she shared a blast from the past on social media this morning to encourage her fans to ex-press them-se-elves. Hey-hey-hey-hey.

Madonna is the Mistress of Innovation, and she’ll always be relevant, but if there is one single moment in time where she was at the absolute zenith of her popularity and influence, it’s right about 1990, when this PSA went out. This is just after Like a Prayer, in the era of “Vogue” and the movie Truth or Dare (which was the most successful documentary ever at the time). 

In the funny and cute PSA, Madonna is barely clothed, in bright red lingerie. Two muscly male dancers in white tees and butt-hugging jorts (the 90s!) are the window dressing. Madonna raps a politicized spin on the spoken-word bridge from “Vogue.”



Strike A Pose There’s Nothing to it—V O T E mid terms! #vote

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

The lyrics: 

“Truth is where you find it

Get uppppp and voooote

Dr. King, Malcolm X

Freedom of speech is as good as sex

Abe Lincoln, Jefferson, Tom,

They didn't need the atomic bomb

If you don't vote, you're going to get a spanking.”

Arguably, for some of us, that should have ended with, “If you DO vote, you’re going to get a spanking!” You know who you are.

While we're at it, here's a voting PSA Madonna recorded two years later, at the height of her Erotica era. It's really cheeky. She takes a jab at MTV, and she even takes a sly dig at Cher

Never stop being you, Queen!


You heard her, guys: Get out and V-O-T-E tomorrow!

'Trophy Boy' Dives Into How Unreal Social Media Can Be

You know all those studs we follow on social media who have hundreds of thousands of followers and appear to be living their #bestlife at all times?

The short film Trophy Boy breaks down that concept to its very core, where the “Trophy Boy” in question goes from living a plush and lavish life to having his #fakelife be exposed once his wealthy sugar daddy cuts him off.

Directed by Emrhys Cooper, the 13-minute short is just a sampling of what’s to come. It’s being turned into a television series where the pilot has already been shot. Emrhys also stars as what the film is centered on, a character named James. It also features Gerald McCullouch, who starred in all three Bear City movies and the popular webseries Hustling.

The preview to the short can be seen below. It will be released on Vimeo worldwide on October 22. More info here.


YouTube Star Todrick Hall Unleashes Epic Instagram Rant On Ex-Bf

Back in the day, when a boyfriend cheated on you, you would break up and then call your besties to tell the sad tale.

But in today’s world of social media, some folks tell the WORLD.

Todrick Hall first garnered national attention in 2010 as a contestant on American Idol, and has gone on to release two studio albums, develop a YouTube channel which has almost 3 million subscribers, star on Broadway in Kinky Boots and Chicago the Musical as well as appear on RuPaul's Drag Race as a judge and choreographer.

Todrick took to social media last night to read his newly-kicked-to-the-curb ex-boyfriend for filth on his Instagram story in an epic rant.

He began by sharing his new rules for applying for the position of “boyfriend” with his 1.2 million followers.

The first 'new rule' is something sensible, like needing someone to be able to express themselves in a mature manner and not “hold in their feelings.”

From there, things escalate.

The next ‘new rule’ reads “Must not come on tour with me, meet other guys, start sleeping with them and give them comp tickets to my show particularly on days when I’m burying my relatives.”


And Todrick is just getting started.

“Must not lie to me about what they’re doing when they’re sleeping with me when they’re new secret side fling isn’t around.”

Rule number 5 reads, “Must not allow me to fly them all over the world so that they can do jobs and make money while sneaking away multiple times to go “not hang out with their ex” while he’s conveniently in town and then crawl back into the house looking shady and guilty as f**k at 6 am.”

After several more ‘new rules,’ Todrick goes into full-on burn mode addressing the ex directly saying “you used me, made me feel like sh*t.”

The actor/singer/dancer tells the ex, “It is taking everything in me to not go Kim Chi on a b*tch and just post, tag and blast your shady ass you little b*tch.”

He quickly adds, “But give me one reason, ONE REASON and I will annihilate you.”

There was much more after that as Todrick posted pics of the former bf labeling him “liar” and more.

The 33-year-old YouTube star closed by sharing that he's "legit shaking," adding "I haven't been this pissed in over a decade."

He also shares that while he's usually a 'high road' kind of guy, "I have to stand up for myself this time and say how I truly feel."

I'd say mission accomplished.

The lesson of the day? Do not cheat on Mr. Todrick Hall.

He will not suffer fools lightly.

Here’s just a few more of the 40+ posts that were part of the Instagram rant.

An industrious YouTuber recorded the full Instagram story and uploaded it.



(h/t Gay Star News)

Keiynan Lonsdale Thrust His Hips On Instagram To Promote Self-Confidence

Keiynan Lonsdale is facing backlash after he posted a thirst trap post of himself hip-thrusting while freeballing it.

In the past few weeks, Lonsdale has really embraced his body and has been expressive in that fact.

Just last week, the Love, Simon and The Flash star posted a picture of himself naked and talked about body positivity.

Now a couple days ago, Lonsdale posted a video of himself hip thrusting away with a very visible piece of equipment (for lack of a more subtle term) popping up.

To caption the video, Lonsdale said simply, “Happy Sunday.” He then elaborated slightly on Twitter by saying, “Life’s fun when you stop caring about what others think of you. That’s all happy Sunday.”




Happy Sunday

A post shared by Keiynan Lonsdale (@keiynanlonsdale) on


After Lonsdale posted the video twice to prove that he doesn’t care what people think, he ended up getting intense responses.

Many fans of twitter shared their approval of the video and expressed their love and lust for the actor.











Meanwhile, Lonsdale received an opposite reaction on Instagram. There, several followers expressed disgust at Lonsdale’s post and stated how they’d wish he stopped with such revealing posts.

“Only the gay ppl actually like this…dude pls stop torturing the ppl who follow u from the flash,” said one commenter.

“He should think about his younger followers before posting stuff like this,” said another.

Meanwhile, Keiynan Lonsdale has chosen not to respond to any of those comments. Instead, he has kept it moving, and popping, and bouncing, and… well, you get the idea.

Twitter Users Upset By Idea To Update The Program With Forced "Alternative Views"

Think Twitter’s a grudge pit full of shouting fights? Just wait till Twitter updates to include forced opposing views!

Right now, that update is not official and is more an idea that the social media platform’s founder, Jack Dorsey, is considering.

Dorsey told the Washington Post that he’s looking to improve Twitter as it has provided the space for malicious intent and action.

“The most important thing that we can do is we look at the incentives that we’re building into our product,” Dorsey said. “Because they do express a point of view of what we want people to do — and I don't think they are correct anymore.”

One possible way he wants to do this is to label robotic accounts that pose as human led.

While not all Twitter users with robotic accounts are malicious, such as businesses who use automated accounts to send information on weather or stock prices, there are also those who have mistreated the features. This includes Russian operatives who spread propaganda and false information during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Another way that Dorsey is considering “improving” the program is to reduce “echo chambers” where like-minded people share similar ideas without every considering alternative viewpoints.

It’s currently unclear how these “alternative viewpoints” would work, but news source them. thinks those opposing views from strangers on the internet will suddenly start popping up on your timeline or possibly even your personal threads.

And they aren’t the only ones who are upset by that idea.

Keep in mind that the initiative to create more inclusive spaces and conversations on Twitter isn't a bad thing. That said, the forced inclusion of opposing viewpoints can create a toxic atmosphere on the app. 

For instance, consider LGBTQ users being forced to read tweets about religious freedom or Black users having to read tweets about the confederacy/confederate flag.

Would this updated Twitter with its “alternative viewpoints” really help create more acceptance and inclusive conversation or would it create more conflict? What is considered an equal opposing perspective? How do they choose what perspectives to present to which people? Where will these perspectives appear on Twitter?

These are just a few of the many questions arising after Jack Dorsey’s comment, and they left us wondering whether Dorsey really thought it was a good idea in the first place.

h/t: The Washington Post, them.

Instagram's Removal of Same-Sex Kiss Due to "Community Guidelines" Sparks Fury

Instagram stirred up some hot water after removing a photo of a gay kiss for “violating community guidelines.”

The controversial pic in question? Photographer Stella Asia Consonni’s snap of long-term gay couple Jordan Bowen and Luca Lucifer smooching passionately, with the caption, “is pizza is the only thing better than love? [sic]”

Instagram’s removal sparked some immediate outrage. Among those who spoke out in support of Consonni were musicians Olly Alexander of Years and Years and Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix.

Bowen wrote on his Instagram account:

“My relationship of seven years with @iamlucalucifer reduced to a Community Guideline. Earlier this was removed from @stellaasiaconsonni and flagged as inappropriate. @instagram spoon feeds us with rainbows and hashtags to appear in solidarity but it seems real people in love have no place here. Earlier this was removed from @stellaasiaconsonni and flagged as inappropriate. @instagram spoon feeds us with rainbows and hashtags to appear in solidarity but it seems real people in love have no place here.”


An Instagram spokesperson said in a statement: “This post was removed in error and we are sorry. It has since been reinstated.”

“This is just a teeny tiny event in the grand scheme of things,” said Consonni once the photo was restored to her page, “but seeing all the amazing response certainly restored a little of my faith in humanity.”

“There is still a long way to go in the fight against homophobia,” she continues in another rainbow post. “This goes to all my beautiful friends that have to deal with this BS all the time.”

h/t: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/07/02/instagram-apologises-for-taking-down-gay-kiss-photo/

Madonna's Photoshop of Beyoncé Raises a Few Eyebrows

The Beyhive is all in a tizzy after a Photoshopped post by Madonna hit Instagram.

Perhaps you heard: last week, Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped surprise album Everything Is Love, and a glossy Louvre-set music video for lead single “Apesh*t.”

This weekend, Madonna Insta’d a photo from Everything Is Love, feature Bey and J admiring paintings on the wall of the world’s largest art museum… only Madonna replaced all the paintings in the pic with her own album covers, including True Blue, Confessions on a Dance Floor, and Erotica.

The caption read: “Learning from the master…………..lol. #art #equals #freedom."

Was M just having some fun, or was she intending to shade one of today’s reigning queens of pop?

Many Bey fans were outraged. It must be said, there’s some validity to criticizing Madge for posting a picture of two black entertainers looking at a white “Master.”

Was this maybe just a little bit tone deaf? This wouldn’t be the first time Madge’s judgment hasn’t been spot-on. Leading up to the release of her last album Rebel Heart, she appropriated the likenesses of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr., which led to an understandable uproar prompting an apology from the Queen of Pop.

Maybe some of the feedback about her Beyoncé and Jay-Z post got to Madonna, because she edited the post… twice. Now the caption merely reads


In the past, public relations between M and B have been generally amicable.

In 2013, in the wake of her first surprise, self-titled album, Beyoncé said,“I felt like I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Madonna and be a powerhouse and have my own empire.”

In 2015, Madonna told Andy Cohen in the pages of Entertainment Weekly:

“[Beyoncé] is a great performer and she puts on a show.”

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/1010153540931727360