The Ten Hottest Guys at The 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 winter Olympics are upon us, and with the extreme conditions comes some extremely hot guys. I'm not into sports, but a hot guy in skintight pants will make any gay tune in religiously!

Take a look below at our pick for the ten hottest guys at this years event!

10. Steve Langton - Bobsled

Can we just for a second take in those rippling abs?!

9. Carlo Valdes - Bobsled

A majestic beard and a hairy chest. Carlo wins gold for us!

8. Joey Mantia - Speed Skating

Speed skating does a body good, girl

7. Shani Davis - Speed Skating

He knows what he's doing with that butt.

6. Adam Rippon - Figure Skating

Those arms, that smile, those DRAG RACE QUOTES!

5. Erik Bjornsen - Cross Country Skiing


Can we just at this point agree that the winter Olympics are a Godsend?

4. John Daly - Skeleton

And what a fine skeleton those muscles are bulging from.

3. Jason Terdiman - Luge

We are all a sucker for a pretty boy, none are as rugged as Jason here though!

2. Gus Kenworthy - Freestyle Skiing


1. Christ Mazdzer - Luge

You're all invited to our wedding.

So there we are, our pick for the ten hottest guys to melt the ice at this years Winter Olympics! Did we miss anybody? Now excuse me while I ogle this article page for the next five hours.

The Washington Baseball Crowd Cheered As A Gay Couple Got Engaged

Screenshot via Facebook

With all the hate in the world, it’s nice to see the love and compassion get a shot in the spotlight.

A video is going viral of a gay couple getting engaged to wondrous applause.

Ty Fleming and Tyler Garrison (Yes, they’re Ty and Ty), were at the Washington Nationals versus Pittsburgh Pirates game at Nationals Park.

While Fleming was busy getting a prize his boyfriend Garrison was getting down on one knee. The rest went beautifully as the crowd happily cheered for the two boys, including Washington Nationals mascot Screech.

Now, question is what joyous event can the upcoming Nationals versus Cubs game give us?

Piers Morgan Says British Athlete In Bar Fight Scandal Was Defending Victims of Gay Bashing

Image via Devin Randall

The latest gossip and buzz of the moment in Britian is centering around cricket player Ben Stokes.

Stokes has been caught on camera having a fight between him and several other men.

The incident apparently happened outside of a pub in Bristol around 2.30am on Sunday morning.

After the incident, Stokes was arrested and also received a broken finger from allegedly punching one of the men 15 times within a minute.

The Sun broke the story and included a video of the incident that has now gone viral.

Several people are either disappointed or outright mad at Stokes for his involvement in the situation. In addition, Stokes is now being sidelined from his spot with The Ashes during their tour across Australia. Plus, the England and Wales Cricket Board is waiting for the results of the investigation into the incident before possibly kicking him out of the sport entirely.

That said, with all of this negative news and updates coming at Ben Stokes, its oddly Piers Morgan who’s trying to come to his rescue.

Morgan tweeted out earlier today that not only should Stokes not be criticized for his part in the fight but praised. Piers Morgan says that Stokes was actually trying to defend two gay men.

While you should take this story with a grain of salt until any real evidence on its truth can be found or if the two gay men involved come out of the woodwork, the defense for why Stokes got into the fight does bring up new questions.

That said, what is known and factual is that Stokes is in some serious trouble for engaging in the situation and may even lose his spot in the cricket board.

Stokes's coach Trevor Bayliss called the incident "very unprofessional" and the board is deliberating on what to do.

Though Stokes has been known for badmouthing opponents, the board seem very surprised by the sudden news as they noted having not seen the video until the Sun released it.

In addition, Micheal Vaughan, the former captain for the British cricket team, noted the Ashes team will be greatly affected by the lack of Stokes during their Australia games. And it seems he may just be on Stoke's side in this situation.

“There is an ongoing Police investigation, which will look at all available evidence, and we do have to respect that process.” Vaughan defended Stokes in two now-deleted tweets.

“Seen the video of (Stokes). It’s not good. But I would like to know why the kid swings a bottle at the start!?” Vaughan said.

Upcoming Comic "Fence" Will Be A Western Sports Story With A Gay Romance

Credit: Johanna the Mad

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in-between, I am very excited.

“Why are you so excited Devin,” you ask? Well, because of a recent announcement about a fencing comic. Yes, that’s right. I’m excited because someday in the future I’ll be able to read a fencing comic.

But let me explain further.

Fence is a new comic franchise published by BOOM! Studios that was announced recently. It’ll be the brainchild of author C.S. Pacat and artist Johanna the Mad.

Now, I was already excited for the topic of the story but when I realized that I knew Johanna the Mad, I was even more excited. See, I’ve been following Johanna the Mad on Tumblr for possibly a year now. She is a wonderful artist who creates great queer art of multiple fandoms like Harry Potter and Voltron: Legendary Defender. As such, I already know that the artwork will be beautiful and the story queer friendly.

And on that note, it’s been announced that there will be a gay storyline intermixed within the athletic/competition plot going on with the rest of the story.

If you need some further explanation to imagine how the story would work in your head, imagine a gay Rocky or imagine last year’s anime Yuri!!! On Ice. If you don’t know, Yuri!!! On Ice was an anime from last year about figure skaters and in the middle of all the competition on ice was a wonderful depiction of a gay romance.

Yuri!!! On Ice ended up celebrating as a mass hit with a large audience and fanbase and it seems that Fence’s author and creator were one of them. In fact, the genre of sports anime and manga (Japanese comic books) were what inspired this Western comic.

C.S. Pacat talked to the L.A. Times and said, “Even though it’s just an emerging genre here, it’s a super popular genre over there. Because I fell in love with sports comics in Japan, it just made sense to make the best fencer on the team Japanese.”

I hope that after reading this some of you are just as excited as me, or at least interested, and that you look forward to reading the first installment in this comic in November.

If you need more convincing, here are some images created by the wonderful Johanna the Mad (all credit belongs to her).





The UK Just Got It's First Openly Gay Referee

The world of sports is still crushingly straight… at least in public. So, whenever an athlete or official in the business comes out, it’s a big deal. That’s a fact whether some like it or not. And the next big deal has come upon us.

A few months ago there were talks of a few anonymous football (soccer) athletes considering coming out. No one’s heard anything about that since. But, it looks like a referee might be leading them by example.

Ryan Atkin is a professional football referee in the UK and he is now the first UK ref to officially come out.

“Being gay doesn’t matter in the context of refereeing a football match,” Atkin told Sky Sports, “But if I’m speaking about equality and diversity, then I’m going to mention that I’m gay because it’s relevant. Homophobia is still a problem, but things are improving all the time.”

Atkin also had to say that he saw a movement towards acceptance of LGBTQ people in the sport thanks to campaigns fighting against homophobia.

“The Rainbow Laces campaign has been hugely important. There is a growing number of club LGBT fan groups, and major sports brands such as Adidas and Nike are helping to deliver the same message to wider audiences across the globe.”

But again, the sport is still struggling largely with that aspect. In fact, in the UK there are currently no openly gay athletes. Something that Atkin noted himself.

“Clearly, this is a step into the unknown – in our UK pro game, it’s widely known that there are currently no openly gay footballers, nor have there been any openly gay referees until now. I hope that my action, however small, will help give others in a similar situation the confidence to be themselves. In a few years’ time, articles like this won’t be necessary. But until that point, all of us in football have a duty to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable. It’s OK to be different and when we all truly believe that, we’ll start to move on.”

And at the moment it seems that everyone is in support of Ryan Atkin, including Neale Barry who is the head senior referee development for the FA.

“The FA offers its full backing to Ryan. Our role is to support all referees, aid their development, maximize their potential and, above all, help ensure their experiences are positive. Ryan’s declaration marks an important moment in the game and reinforces the fact that refereeing really is open to everyone.”

Let’s hope someday the same will be said for the athletes.

Report: Jason Collins 'Stands A Good Chance' Of Receiving NBA Contract This Season

Ever since Jason Collins came out there's been speculation as to where the free agent player would land--or if he'd land anywhere at all. (Collins has played for the NBA for 12-years so it's not a stretch to argue that he might be in the latter part of his career.)

A report from is giving us hope that we'll get to root for Collins on the basketball court this upcoming season!'s Kevin Arnovitz writes:

Will Collins, who reportedly met with the Detroit Pistons a few weeks ago, receive a contract offer for the 2013-14 season? An informal survey of league executives at Las Vegas Summer League suggests that Collins, who remains a free agent, stands a good chance to be in uniform on opening night this fall as teams flesh out their rosters with 12th, 13th and 14th men in the weeks leading up to training camp.

“He’s a September player,” one front office exec said. “He’s a positive locker room influence and still plays big. The league likes him.”

NBC Sports writes:

Collins is still in the league because of his professional demeanor and work ethic, along with the fact that he can give you 10 or so minutes per game while not hurting his team defensively. He’s not going to put up much in the way of numbers, but it never hurts to add a seven-footer with a high basketball IQ to the end of the bench.


We're crossing our fingers that we'll get to see the big man on the court! 


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