Everyone's Loving This High School Football Star Going To Prom With His Swim Team Boyfriend


This December we covered the inspiring story of gay high school football team captain Jake Bain's upcoming tenure at Indiana State University. Now things have gone from inspiring to awwwz-inducing as pics of Bain and his swim team boyfriend Hunter Sigmund attending prom together have hit the web!

At only nineteen-years-old, Bain has already made headlines for not only his sports career, but also for the discrimination he faced from Westboro Baptist Church after announcing his four years at Indiana State University. Westboro's planned demonstration of hatred (and most likely severe closeted homosexuality) was met with thousands of Bain's supportive schoolmates and community members - just showing that despite the Trump presidency, people are not going to stand for ignorance and bigotry.



But today is about Bain and eighteen-year-old Hunter Sigmund's prom night, and from their accounts of the evening, it sounds like an amazing time was had by all! Sigmund stated, via OutSports:

Prom this year was amazing. It was my fourth school dance with Jake and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend our last high school dance.

Bain added:

This is the second year he and I have gone together, as well as to our homecoming dance the past two years, so this wasn’t the first time. 

We have been the only openly gay couple at Burroughs since I’ve been here, but it isn’t a problem at all at our school. People treat us the same. It is nice to be able to go to prom with whoever you want and not have to worry about what other people might think.

Let's all say it together - AWWWW! Good luck to the happy couple! 


Hundreds Show Up in Support of Gay Football Player Against Westboro Baptist Church Rally

Jake Bain, an openly gay football star at John Burroughs High School, received tons of support from his family, friends and community this morning as Westboro Baptist Church descended onto their town to once again do another homophobic-filled hate protest.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to support one of their own, as they waved the rainbow flag and sported a ton of fantastic signs to let him know that they have his back no matter what Westboro or anyone decides to do.









Their state senator, Jill Schupp, also showed her massive support for Jake:



Jake spoke with a local news affiliate about how overwhelmed and happy he is about all the support he's received since word got out that Westboro was planning this rally.  "We've had such an a great support system through all of this," Jake exclaimed to KSDK.  "As soon as people found out that these people were coming and protesting, there was already hundreds of people that were sending me messages, sending me tweets and stuff, just showing the support.  From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank everybody for showing the support this time."

Nice job everyone! 



Video from KSDK.com

Community Rallies to Defend Gay Athlete From Westboro Baptists

It is apparent that the members of The Westboro Baptist Church once again have nothing better to do with their lives this week than spread ignorance as we hear they are planning a hate-filled rally against an openly gay football player in Indiana.

OutSports is reporting that an openly gay football star will feel the support thousands of friends, family, and community members on Monday as their community rallies around its major hero.

Jake Bain, heading to college this fall to Indiana State has been in the news recently for all the right reasons.  Now there's a little bit of backwards thinking around this forward moving young man.

The primary reason for the Jake-supportive rally is to counteract the one that Westboro Baptist Church is planning on Monday.  The event, titled Stand With Jake on Facebook, already has 1,200 people planning to attend. 

“He is a great athlete, but he’s a better kid,” Andy Abbott, Head of School at John Burroughs, told Fox 2 Now. “He’s a great student and he’s a great friend to his peers.”  Not only that, but he was recently honored by the St. Louis Blues during their pride night last month.  - outsports.com



We will wait and see if the WBC shows on Monday.  Both rallies will take place Monday morning before school starts at John Burroughs School.  Click here for more info on the event to show that you #standwithjake. 

h/t  outsports.com