Win a Trip To See The 'Will & Grace' Revival

Honey, what is this? What's happening? What's going on here?

Well--if you have $10, donate them to the Human Rights Campaign and you could win a trip to Los Angeles to see a taping of the Will & Grace revival, premiering this fall on NBC's "Must See TV" lineup.



The HRC has partnered with the Emmy-winning comedy for this crowd-funding effort.


A $10 donation will offer the winner travel and hotel accommodations, behind-the-scenes tour of the set, and an unforgettable photo with the cast.

All proceeds from this effort go toward the HRC's continued work LGBT rights. Last week, the HRC confirmed that they would be making the greatest investment in the organization's history by allocating $26 million toward the HRC Rising campaign which will aim to win over voters in swing states during the 2018 Senate race--which would be a huge game changer for LGBT rights movement.

The original series of Will & Grace ran from 1998 to 2006 and ended with a lackluster flash forward. After a viral presidential campaign promo urging people to vote during the 2016 election the masses couldn't get enough of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen--we wanted more! We can't wait to see where the next installment will take us!

The ninth season of Will & Grace will premiere on September 28th on NBC's popular night of lineups--back where it belongs!

Here's a teaser to go with your vodka:


Game of Thrones Season 7 Is Coming...


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If you sit still for a moment on Sunday, July 16th you’ll be able to hear the screeches of a dragons reverberating across the world as viewers tune in for the next season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

After some of the bloodiest and most shocking revelations in season 6, Game of Thrones fans have been desperately anticipating the return of the good versus evil world created by George R. R. Martin.

If you haven’t caught up to this point, what’s wrong with you? 



But if you need a recap, here’s what we learned last season when we tuned in:

  • Sexy Jon Snow has returned from the grave—the gasp heard round the world
  • Cersei Lannister is indeed a heartless bitch when she ignites Wild Fire to King’s Landing—and subsequently shaming her son, King Tommen Baratheon, into committing suicide
  • Sansa Stark finally reaches dark AF status and has the ultimate clap back when she mercilessly leaves Ramsay Bolton for dog food
  • Arya can see again! Hooray! And she proves that she does know how to use that sword
  • The gut-wrenching meaning behind Hodor’s name
  • A painful trial for Loras Tyrell for “laying with other men”  that ends with a bang!
  • Daenerys Targaryen sets sail for Westeros with her army—ready to claim her throne
  • Winter is…finally here

And with the return of Game of Thrones, you know what that means? The return of Gay of Thrones that will be servicing you with some GoT recap realness week after week through the final moments of one of the highest rated shows in television history.

Will the final episodes of GoT grant us some closure on all the beloved characters we have lost? Who will be the one to take the throne? Will Brandon Stark ever be able to walk? Will Jon Snow finally have a gay scene? All questions we are dying to have answers to.

I’m getting all sweaty just thinking about it!

Get your popcorn, potions and elixirs ready--Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, July 16th on HBO. It's gonna be on fire!




Heroes Actor Thomas Dekker Comes Out As Gay

Just a week after someone tried to out him during an acceptance speech at Outfest, actor Thomas Dekker, 29, has come out as gay. Known for his roles on Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dekker posted an open letter on Instagram and Twitter that affirmed his sexuality.

Dekker writes:

“My sexual orientation once again came into question this week when a prominent gay man used an awards acceptance speech to ‘out’ me. While he did not mention me by name, the explicit details of his reference made it easy for the public and media to connect the dots.”


My sexual orientation once again came into question this week when a prominent gay man used an awards acceptance speech to "out" me. While he did not mention me by name, the explicit details of his reference made it easy for the public and media to connect the dots. While it is an odd situation, I thank him because it presents a prime opportunity for me to publicly say that I am indeed a man who proudly loves other men. In fact, this April, I married my husband and I could not be happier. I have never lied to the press about the fluidity of my sexuality but this man claiming that I came out is not true. Because I have not "officially" until this moment. I simply refuse to be robbed of the glorious joy that belongs to me. To say the words myself. "I'm gay". Those words are a badge of honor that no one can steal. Sexuality and who you love is a deeply personal and complicated thing. For some of us, it takes time to cultivate, discover and conclude. It is not something anyone should ever be ashamed of and certainly not something anyone should be rushed into. I agree with many who believe it is an important responsibility for LGBTQ persons with a platform to come out. It has the power to change minds, challenge beliefs and make others feel understood and supported. It can strengthen the progression of our community and help disarm those who discriminate against us. It is a brave, powerful and important thing to do but it is also a deeply personal decision. One that should only be made when you are ready. If we are to stand strong in the gay community, our mission should be support, not exclusion; love, not shame. I choose not to look back on the past with a regretful heart but rather focus on the future with a hopeful one. A future where myself and all others can feel free to express their true selves with honor and dignity. I embrace you, any of you, with open arms, kindness, faith and patience. For all of you who have supported me, before and now, I thank you from the bottom of my fledgling heart. Be proud of who you are. No matter how long it takes.

1,251 Likes, 152 Comments - Thomas Dekker (@thomas.dekker) on Instagram: "My sexual orientation once again came into question this week when a prominent gay man used an..."

Dekker has been open about speaking of his character castings and has always stood behind his role choices.

In 2007, he mentioned:

“I would like it to be known by everyone, that I have played a gay character three times before in my career, one when I was twelve (which is on youtube), one when I was fifteen, and another when I was seventeen. I, nor my management have ever had any kind of problem with creating a gay character… What transpired on heroes is something far more complicated than anyone being ‘afraid’ to make Zach homosexual.”

In his open letter, Dekker also shared that in April he married his husband and his extremely happy.

While it is a little disappointing that Dekker felt like he was forced to have to come out before people "found out", it is indeed a proud moment and he should be celebrated for embracing who he really is. More power to you, Tom! See you at Pride!