Teens Who Choked Student Into "Apologizing" For Being Gay Only Get Slap On The Wrist

Two teens in the UK, who choked a student during a Tube ride in London until he “apologized” for being gay, have basically walked out of court with a slap on the wrist.

Will Mayrick, 20, says he feared for his life after two attackers grabbed him in a headlock, squeezing the breathe out of him, during an evening out with four of his friends.

The photography student today said the hideous ordeal might never have happened if the teenage perpetrators had undergone LGBT education classes at school.

Mayrick told the press that the Government needs to make LGBT studies a requirement. “It’s clear that there needs to be a better support network in schools,” he told the Evening Standard.

In the end, both attackers (aged 16 and 17) were given 12-month referral orders and each ordered to pay fines of about $27 for "victim surcharge" and $200 for "compensation."

After the sentencing, Mayrick withheld judgement of his assailants saying, “They were so young, and I can’t help but think that if they had had some sort LGBT education then the attack might never have happened.”

According to a recent study by Stonewall,  55% of secondary school teachers and 42% of primary school teachers say they don’t stand up to homophobic language every time they hear it.

Additionally, 86% of secondary school teachers and 45% of primary school teachers polled said students in their schools had experienced homophobic bullying.

Leeds UK Surprised By Surge Of Sexy Cleaning Ads

Would you pay for a sexy maid? Apparently, a few people in Leeds, UK are.

News site Leeds Live recently reported that the Leeds section of Criagslist has some naked maid service requests popping up.

After Criaigslist shut down its personals ads, it looks like people are trying to get their sexy on in other ways. None of the ads mention sex being on the table though. Instead, they mostly imply a hands off experience with a cleaner who just happens to be nude.

The ads found on Leed’s Craigslist are mostly of men looking for other men.

One Leeds man from the Headingley Lane area was actually selling his services. In his ad, he said, “Slim fit straight male doing cleaning and household chores in Leeds and York area. No children or single males please.”

Another man from the Roundhay area described himself, in the ad above, as a “naked gay odd job man for men.”

The 28-year-old described further:

 “All jobs considered, evenings and weekends in Leeds area only. Cleaning, painting, washing, moving furniture, small DIY jobs and general help with personal stuff. Or anything else you can think of…”

Of course, there were some guys looking for female cleaners, but where's the fun in that?

With the internet now becoming a more restricted place with several countries locking down on online ads for prostitution, it looks like naked cleaning is on the rise.

h/t: Leeds Live, GayPopBuzz