VELO's Album 'Outcast' Features Manila Luzon, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Eureka, Pablo Hernandez and More!

This week’s Insta Hottie is no stranger to Instinct. Victor Cruz, also known as indie recording artist VELO, is a sexy Latino papi who is the king of collaborations and thirst trap music videos. Hailing from Seattle, VELO can be seen performing at Pride festivals around the nation and sharing some sweaty gym pics on Instagram.

We’ve written about VELO’s popular song Big D*ck Daddy, the spicy Perra Challenge inspired by his song Perra, and his track At Your Door—all which feature collaborations with some big influencers and notable drag performers.

He’s a talented THOT and you won’t believe what he has up his sleeve for his latest project.

Some of VELO’s hottest collabs include Pablo Hernandez, Phi Phi O’Hara, Aja, Rhea Litre, Eureka O’Hara, Melissa Befierce, and Joey Diamond. Now, VELO is dropping his latest album Outcast which has been over a year in the making where he adds to his list of collaborators.

Outcast is loaded with some hot dance and Latin tracks that feature Manila Luzon (just in time for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4), Derrick Barry, Nebraska Thunderfuck, Eureka O’Hara (just in time for RuPaul’s Drag Race Holislay Spectacular), Pablo Hernandez, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Rhea Litre, Melissa Befierce, and E$money.

Instinct is also proud to debut Up & Down a sensual track on VELO’s Outcast featuring another Insta Hottie, Pablo Hernandez. VELO and Pablo up close and personal and shots of Pablo in the shower? How’s that for a perfect HUMP DAY.

I got in touch with VELO to learn more about what makes Outcast the silky smooth album that will make you want to press up against your man and take it nice and slow.

What is your album ‘Outcast’ about?

Love, sex, party time, pain. It's a well-rounded representation of me for sure, a little of everything. I know the duets are fun but I hope people check out the solo shit too, there's a song for every mood. 

Like many of your other projects, this album includes a lot of collaborations. Who have you worked with and who can we expect to see in upcoming music videos? 

I've been lucky to have worked with many talented people, most of which I became great friends with. On this album, you can expect Manila Luzon, Eureka O'Hara, Derrick Barry, Rhea Litre, Nebraska Thunderfuck, Melissa Befierce, Pablo Hernandez, E$MONEY & Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. One day I would love to work with the AAA girls together or individually. I love em all.  Few fun music videos on this album so be on the lookout for em! 

How is this project different from your others?

Like the last album, it’s a mixture of genres but with this one I wanted to give you more of my bilingual side. I love that mainstream music is having a heavy latin wave again and that hits home for me. I'm excited to share the collabs on the album cause the mixture of worlds was exciting.  



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Who has been the most fun to work with?

I loved working with everyone but I love me some Rhea Litre, she has a lot of fun, we act shit out, she's so creative, we mesh well and we can write a song in like 10 mins. 

What do you do for fun/hobbies?

 I really enjoy going to the movie theater. Been reading lately. I'm constantly writing for others as well and helping them with their individual projects. I have pet snakes and turtles.  I'm just a huge dork really.  

Something interesting about yourself you've never told anyone:

Courtney Act is a great kisser. ;)

What/who inspires you?

Jennifer Lopez. The stamina that woman has is incredible. It truly inspires me. RuPaul too. My parents. I just strive to be a decent person, low key, creative, and I look for that in people I have around me and work with. 

Single/Taken/It's complicated?

I’ll get back to you on that ;)

What do you look for in guys?

I like stability, kind-heartedness, nurturing, fun. It took me a while to understand how much those qualities matter tho haha.


Commando for sure, especially in sweatpants, otherwise, I like briefs. 



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Where can people get your music?

Everywhere music is sold, Itunes, Spotifyetc etc!

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Latin Artist VELO Debuts Hot Spanish Track 'Baila Para Mi'

Indie recording artist and sexy latino VELO is back with more music to spice up your day. After working on hits like Big Dick Daddy and Oye Papi, VELO (aka Victor Cruz), is bringing you some Spanish lyrics fully loaded with steamy nocturnal tunes. The song is co-written by and features Luisifer who spits out rhymes that will leave you salivating.

The track comes right off the recent release of VELO’s album Cruzin’ and is part of his upcoming Spanish album that will be released later this year.

If you don’t know Spanish—don’t worry, here are the translated lyrics for all you thirst traps:


When I see you, I can't control myself
baby how you move, is something special
when I see you, I can't control myself
baby how you move, is something special
dance for me
dance dance for me
eat it all, it is all for you
dance for me
dance dance for me
eat it all, it is all for you

I really want you
take you to the end
until the end I take you
I don't care one bit
if you've got a man
I still want you
tell me what I wanna hear
that you'll come with
don't care one bit
if you've got a man

I still want you

When I see you, I can't control myself
baby how you move, is something special
when I see you, I can't control myself
baby how you move, is something special
dance for me
dance dance for me
eat it all, it is all for you
dance for me
dance dance for me
eat it all, it is all for you


Dance for me, grind it just for me,

Open your little mouth

And let me come

--To your house.

So We go to my place

Make memories for when you’re not around Together


We took so many pictures

We never worried about your boyfriend or any others

Simply put I destroy them all

Because when I go inside you you shake like an earthquake

Carnal desires

Fatal body To devour

I wanna start never stop

Together we’ll finish

I’m going to give it to you

You’re gonna like it

Tonight we’ll enjoy ourselves

With a cigar in my mouth

But it’s you that I wanna smoke

So good

This boy deep

Leave him dead

Close your eyes and I’ll take you to another world

Stay with me,

that’s what you’ll become accustomed to

So you see there’s a lot of dancing and eating going on, but that’s not all for VELO.

The artist is working on a lot of different musical projects including another upcoming Spanish video that will be released very soon with Dragula drag queen Melissa Befierce called Perra (bitch), another collaboration with Luisifer called Dancer, Up and Down featuring Andrew Christian model Pablo Hernandez, and Where My Man At featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 queens Eureka O’Hara and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Werk!

Check out the music video for slow jam Baila Para Mi:



Here’s a sneak peek of Dancer feat. Luisifer: