Loud Mouth Azealia Banks Blasts Wendy Williams!

Loud Mouth Azealia Banks Blasts Wendy Williams!

Did Banks Cross The Line To Despicable!

#WHAT! Lord, help me! On Wendy Williams birthday? Really? This afternoon I literally posted about the wonderful birthday celebration Williams had featuring 80s Pop Icon, Taylor Dayne. Now, in walks the always controversial-with-something-to-say Rapper, Azealia Banks, throwing some horrid words at Williams. It wasn’t long ago Banks had some choice words for RuPaul, claiming the legendary Drag Queen had ripped off her song. Initially you want to feel bad for Banks because she plays an angry victim so well, until you realize there are countless times she’s gone on homophobic rants. So, girl – bye to begin with! But, now she’s coming after the Gossip Queen Williams herself.

If you’re an avid Wendy Watcher as I am, you’ll know Williams just spoke about Banks on Tuesday, July 17th’s show during Hot Topics. Williams discussed the allegations of Banks being featured on Nick Cannon’s MTV series, Wild ‘N Out, where she was allegedly roasted and called ugly to the point of tears and a tantrum. Banks took to social media and poked fun at Cannon who is living with Lupus. Williams believes Azealia’s anger and constant feuding with Celebrities is hurting her career: Duh!  So, as she does: Williams openly said that on her talk show. Banks was listening and didn’t like it.

According to Page Six, Banks took to her Instagram Story and wished death upon Williams. Banks said:

“Omg can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead? I would love to see her die on air.”

Some savvy Twitter User snapped the caption right away:

Banks is obviously referring to Williams’ fainting on her 2017 Halloween episode. She’s since deleted the Insta-Story text and replaced it with allegations that African-American children get called ugly each day. She swore Cannon was a former Nickelodeon-type personality and didn’t expect the roast on his show to go as far as it did. Check out her latest post below:

I really- ugh – really want to like Banks. She has an impressive line of work. The only person holding her back is honestly herself. Damn it, girl. You could’ve had it all! I think it’s just a little too late for a comeback – or ever was - now…

This article originally appeared on Page Six.

Wendy Williams Celebrates Her 54th Birthday!

Wendy Williams Celebrates Her 54th Birthday!

80’s Pop Diva Taylor Dayne Performs Live!

#MYGIRL! Television and Radio Icon, Wendy Williams, turns 54 years-old today! You may know Williams as the blunt and bold Daytime Talk Show host, but I know her as my role model. I’ve been following her career since I was first introduced to her in high school and have been an avid watcher of her show for the last nine years. Lucky for myself and fans alike: Williams is slated to run until at least 2020! Per usual, she publicly celebrated her birthday on her show with her parents, cohosts (audience), and a special guest, 80s music icon, Taylor Dayne, by her side. Wendy tearfully gave her opening monologue before she started her daily round of dishing hot topic Celebrity gossip:

“These are tears of happiness. Because, you know when you turn 54 a lot of the time you don’t have people around you, or the people who got you to that age. You look for the things that make you happy. It’s not about gifts after a certain age. My husband and I still hold hands: We love each other very much. I turned a messy radio career into…this mess [her show]. How do I feel? I feel very, very happy. Like, mmhmm, wow. Sweet.”

Williams continued her show with potential gossip of Mogul, Beyonce, being pregnant with a fourth child, her usual segment giving advice in Ask Wendy, and a weekend hotel giveaway.

Joining in Williams’ birthday festivities: Elle Magazine interviewed her regarding her always being snubbed from the Daytime Emmy Awards. Williams doesn’t care that the Academy isn’t recognizing her for talent (probably because she’s a glorified gossip). She’s not here for trophies and critics: She’s here for the people. Williams tells:

“Who's a better talk show host? Don't have one! Don't have one! Will probably never get one. But it's okay. You know why? Because I've got the power of the people. I do the show from a place of good. With a kind heart. And nobody to pay my bills. I can't get slick. I need this job. I didn't grow up rich. I like it here on TV. With finery. I'm saying what I think. What I think, a lot of people think. They're just too afraid to say it. This show is exactly what I would be watching if I wasn't doing it. There's nothing out there forced."

Finally, to melt our gay hearts: Dayne performs Tell It To My Heart in celebration of Williams’ birthday and the 30th anniversary of the song. Literally, this is my favorite 80s song so I am in hog heaven right now. Dayne brings the absolute best energy into the room the moment she steps in. I will say her voice sounded a bit strained, but – she could sing the most of us under the table any day of the week. You’ve got to relive nostalgia check out Dayne’s performance below:

Make sure you say a Happy Birthday to THE Wendy THE Williams!

Miranda To Address Political Run On Wendy Williams!

Miranda To Address Political Run On Wendy Williams!

The Future Governor of New York, Cynthia Nixon, Speaks Out!

#GoGetOurGirl. If you aren’t savvy with the trailblazing HBO series, Sex and the City, you may not recall Cynthia Nixon’s legendary plea to have Chris Noth’s character rescue Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic Carrie Bradshaw: Go get our girl. Well, it turns out, my favorite Talk Show Host, Wendy Williams, snags the first television interview with Nixon as she begins her campaign for Governor of New York. We recently reported of the Actress’ run for Governor and it collectively had the entire LGBTQ community – and the Mirandas of the world losing their minds!

According to Variety, Nixon will appear on Williams’ hit show today, Wednesday, April 4th. Ahh! This is going to be an interview to not be missed. While Williams is infamous for throwing shade, we can certainly expect her to get down to the nitty gritty of Nixon’s political run. People may believe Williams is only good for celebrity gossip – but she has repeatedly proven she can snag the truth out of anyone. I’m going to be sitting there with my eyes glued to the screen!

I was first introduced to Nixon as being one of the leading ladies of Sex and the City. She was seemingly an introvert, fiery Lawyer who had a justified opinion on everything, including her friend’s love lives. I am one of the people who most closely identified with Miranda compared to the other characters- seriously, a girlfriend of mine still tags me in Miranda memes which frequently fly around on social media. Nixon has appeared on Williams previously, so I’m happy she’ll be in good company as they discuss the political run. I mean, if a Billionaire-Reality Television Star can be the President, what says Nixon cannot? I’m typically against someone with a face being involved in politics, but hell- we’re living in a new era. This appears to be the new normal.

Check out a preview of Nixon’s exclusive interview with Williams below:


Jerry O’Connell Hosts The Wendy Williams Show!

Jerry O’Connell Hosts The Wendy Williams Show!

Was He Better Than The Hot Topics Queen?

HOW HE DOIN’?! #GROAN! If you’re familiar with any of my contributing posts on Instinct Magazine, you clearly know I fan out and love to cover anything Wendy Williams puts her name on. Even something as small as beefing with a narcissistic porn star. Ever since Williams possibly fainted during her latest Halloween special in October, her audience and haters alike have been counting down until she is unable to move on with her hit Talk Show. Weeks ago, Williams dropped the news she would be taking a leave of absence due to her battle with Graves Disease, but didn’t seem too worried about her health or reputation. Throughout the series, Williams has constantly stated no one would be guest hosting the show for her if she was ever out sick, but her statement has been retracted today.

Okay, in Williams’ defense, I’m certain she had to agree to having a guest host since she is taking an extra week off – she’s due back to her stage on March 19th. You have to think: Her staff does not get Williams-type money, someone has to pay the outrageous rent of living in New York City. So, of course, it’s time to revamp the show before sponsors and advertisers get pulled away. Hollywood runs on money – or alleged, hidden sexual assaults – so I’m not surprised at all Williams wasn’t able to keep her word. At the very least, I would assume someone comparable to her. RuPaul, perhaps? But, alas – she ended up getting a heterosexual man – who has been seen way too often in drag-  Jerry O’Connell. O’Connell took today to dive into Williams’ staple, Hot Topics, and played around with her guest stars and co-hosts, what she famously calls her audience. Funny enough, no one gets to sit in Williams' iconic, purple chair besides herself - so that was scrapped for his performance.

To my surprise, the audience seemed to really enjoy O’Connell. Alright, I’m not as cynical as you’d like to believe – I don’t mind him at all. However, he was trying to run with the theme of Williams’ show, which just isn’t in the cards for him. He put on an act with Hot Topics, almost making a mockery out of Williams’ “tacky” (her words) hour of television. I gave a real side eye when O’Connell glazed over the dating app, Grindr – we know you know what that is, girl. He had a feminine voice for some reason almost his entire hour and left some of social media claiming he was better than Williams. In…in what reality? It’s clear Williams is at home talking about viral, media, and ratchet celebrities. She’s actually a fan of music and is a professor of Rap, Hip-Hop, and being in someone else’s business. O’Connell, while charming and bring-home-to-mom, is not the person I want to hear a bunch of gossip from.

Essentially, Williams’ powerhouse voice and unmatched personality are severely missed in daytime television. It is her quick mouth which gets her in plenty of trouble, but she does tend to say what a lot of us are thinking – just, abrasively – but isn’t that why we’ve listened to her for almost three decades? Williams needs to get better soon because she is missed, dearly. Day time talk is a bit dimmer without their sassiest shocking host. Check out O'Connell's attempt at being Williams below:



Are you tuning in O’Connell this week as he covers for Williams?

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