Willam Opens Up About What REALLY Went on While on Drag Race

Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones has been binge watching Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race—yeah…she’s a little behind. But in here marathon of fabulosity her wig has been snatched time and time again as she grew fonder of Latrice Royale and the rest of the cast that made Season 4 one of the most memorable.

Quite possibly the best thing about her binge was her discovery of Willam’s controversial and shocking disqualification. The death-drop heard ‘round the world!

It led Leslie to inquire on Twitter:





…and wouldn’t you know it? Willam had some answers for her.

Via a series of long notes, Willam shared via Twitter some of the most intimate behind-the-scenes stories about Drag Racedom. She shares how rude the production assistants were and how mistreated they sometimes felt—not to mention when they were asked to not engage RuPaul in conversation.

The long tale ends with some of the reasons as to how and why she was disqualified from the competition. Incidents that pushed her beyond Rupaulogizing!



But Leslie wanted more and more—So Willam gave it one last go!

I smell a Tell-All book brewing…Willam, I want in as an editor!

Are these behind-the-scenes tellings of RuPaul’s Drag Race true? Is it possible that these harsh rules and parameters put on the contestants are irrational? Or is this just Willam being Willam?

Will Amazon Ever Develop the Drag Queen Amazon Echo?

When I started shopping around for a smart home device, I couldn’t decide between a Google Home or an Amazon Echo. I tested both and ultimately went with the Amazon Echo because it had been around longer and had more complimenting apps. It’s been a lot of getting use to as I have tried to figure out the right way to ask the Echo questions so that it recognizes what I am asking for. Like instead of asking “Alexa, what time does bathhouse close?” I have to ask “Alexa, what are the business hours for the bathhouse?” It’s truly a science.

I often think that Alexa will respond with something that will throw me for a loop such as “Alexa, what’s the weather today?

Alexa would respond, “Look outside, dumbass!”

It would be a dream come true and definitely make things more interesting. I also imagine how incredibly entertaining it would be to be stuck in Southern California traffic if Google Maps or Waze had a special voice that reacted to traffic conditions.

Example, instead of the navigation system saying “Traffic detected ahead” it would instead say something like “Oh, bitch! Traffic jam, you better turn around and go home!”

Now, how much more special would it be if the Amazon Echo or Google Maps came in a voice that we all recognized?

I know I’m not alone here. Thankfully, for any question or though that you’ve ever had, the internet delivers.

Fans have been creating some Amazon Echo parody commercials that feature the voices of some of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most memorable queens. Of course, the videos feature some crass and rude remarks, but isn’t that what someone would want if their Alexa was a drag queen?

Here are just some of my favorites which feature Jasmine Masters, Alaska, Willam, Alyssa Edwards, Trixie & Katya, and Bianca del Rio.

I would never leave the house if these existed! Now, can we get the queen-loving programmers to actually make these? Yes gawd!

Jasmine Masters









Alyssa Edwards



Trixie and Katya



Bianca del Rio



Should RuPaul’s Girls Be Disgracing Her?

Should RuPaul’s Girls Be Disgracing Her?

Without RuPaul…Who Are They?

GURL, BYE! Like most of us, I was sucked into the vacuum of the endless amount of drama which branched from RuPaul’s comments of not allowing Transgender women onto RuPaul’s Drag Race. The comments have stirred so much conversation within the LGBTQ community and revealed some of my social media followers – and perhaps those I’d consider calling a friend – are not only Transphobic as all hell, but also completely dazed. Within what seemed like moments, the LGBTQ community was throwing RuPaul under the bus. RuPaul, someone who has admittedly worked his – often times referred to as her – butt off for decades gave a sweet, monotone, PR apology to her fans and the gay community:

RuPaul’s apologies even weren’t enough. He was blasted for posting a photograph of an alleged train pride or something? I guess that’s the yellow and green colored flag – which people were assuming he confused with the Transgender flag and were vocal about RuPaul not being an ally to the Transgender community. It was a little bogus and far-fetched, but as is all social media and opinions – so, sure.

Well, the amount of shade didn’t stop there. The Drag Queens from RuPaul’s hit series – and you know, the show that made them who they are today, got their feet wet with mess. Yes, some of the Queens decided to take their choice words for the person who literally allowed them to get a higher pay at the same night club they’ve always performed at. Check out a few shady responses from RuPaul’s girls below:

Former contestant on the fourth season of Drag Race, Willam, who made headlines being the first person expelled from the series – has been quite vocal of his distaste for RuPaul and World of Wonder Productions. His latest tweets and Instagram posts show his true feelings. Is he being bitter of justified? Willam is absolutely one of my favorite Queens to ever hit the stage – and I’ve met him once in West Hollywood, although he wouldn’t be able to select me out of a lineup. I do find it very suspect he’s been seemingly blacklisted by RuPaul’s media, but that’s a whole different topic for a different day. Willam is the only former RuPaul-Girl I’m going to give a pass on, since he previously appeared on our televisions prior to Drag Race.

But, wait a second – why the hell are the other Drag Queens hollering and lighting their torches for RuPaul? They need to loosen up the corset, because without RuPaul – these queens would be begging for dollars in their hometowns after working their daytime jobs. Seriously, they signed up for the show and must play by RuPaul’s rules. They all do know RuPaul’s name will always come before theirs, correct? They get on this show to fight for second place...so, tighten up those lips and keep quiet. Why try to ruin yourselves? They are literally nothing without the show. Face it, most current Drag Queens are vying to get on the series in hopes to increase their careers – in Drag. RuPaul is the Drag Queen – and the only one who has broken into mainstream media…as well as trying to help them. Why all the hate?! I wouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds me.

While I have no comment on RuPaul’s statement – I do believe we’ll see a Transgender Drag Queen on season 11. Come on, they wouldn’t dare not cast one at this stage – so condragulations to whoever receives the pity-we-messed-up spot. Especially after Michelle Visage has been quoted saying she stands behind Transgender queens – we’re definitely about to see one appear immediately. RuPaul said what he said and I highly doubt he is – or has ever been – transphobic. Will the comments take a toll on the ratings? Today is the next episode of Drag Race: All Stars 3 and I am willing to bet that the ratings of the show won’t go down from all of the protest. I’d even assume the ratings are going to go up after all of the chaos.

Do you believe it’s wise for the Drag Race girls to be scolding RuPaul?

This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine Contributor and does not reflect the views of the magazine itself.