Someone Important Dies on the Latest Will & Grace

I’ve kind of lost touch with Will & Grace this season… almost to the point that I forgot about their new episodes that resumed last week. Oops.

Things have turned back to the normalcy that made this show so brilliant in the first place, with Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) in one storyline and Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) on the other. They cross lines with one another in many episodes, leading to pure hilarity throughout, and this latest show was a great example of that.

Will and Grace plan to win over Will’s new Columbia department head goes wrong when he drops dead in their apartment. On the flip side, Jack does everything he can to keep Karen and his fiancé Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) away from each other during his birthday celebration as the two can’t stand one another.

If you are looking for a night of pure comedy from each of these characters, you got it. This was one of the more satisfying episodes of the season 2 reboot that didn’t get too deep into their individual emotional journeys and just allowed us to laugh along for approximately 22 minutes.

Will found out that his Columbia department head wants to approve him for a permanent position. He fears his assumptions that Will is nothing but a greedy corporate lawyer, so he invites him over to impress him in hopes of getting the job.

That goes awry when he passes out next to their couch and the two of them think he’s dead (Grace “checks” his pulse). They go into full-blown selfish mode quickly after when they see on his phone that he was going to approve his teaching job at Columbia. This resulted in the two of them trying to unlock the guy’s phone in order to send that message of approval. Then the character wakes up and tells them that he suffers from a blood sugar condition and that’s why the incident occurred.

He figures out what the two of them did and intended to fire him, but Will makes an impassioned speech about wanting this job. Things stay the same for Will, he keeps his professor job there but doesn’t go full-time just yet.

Sean Hayes is able to expertly utilize his physical humor in this episode by frantically going from one side of the restaurant (which is lily pond themed) to the other while both Grace and Estefan were there. He also experiences an awkward moment with a waiter who he couldn’t remember even though they had several intimate moments with one another, and he took Jack to see his family one Christmas.

This of course leads to Estefan and Karen discovering that each other was at the restaurant, where they hilariously roast one (Karen calls Estefan a “sky waitress” and Estefan calls Karen a “hag”) another before jumping into the lily pod to battle it out. The waiter gets his revenge on Jack by throwing him in as well. In the end they all reconcile and get along, although Karen fears she is losing her best friend because he is getting married. He assures her that is not the case before they go into his apartment and livestream what I could only imagine to be something very naughty.

So, its status quo for all of these characters again for the time being. I am assuming that this season is leading up to Jack and Estefan’s wedding, but who knows what shenanigans will happen in the meantime.

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Megan Mullally Shows Her Musical Talents on Will & Grace

On the mid-season premiere of Will & Grace, Megan Mullally shook the house down with her rendition of Judy Garland’s The Man That Got Away from the 1954 version of A Star is Born. Mullally, who plays the iconic Karen Walker, is a force to be reckoned with as she has shown her musical talents in many previous episodes.

Mullally’s musical chops come from many years of professional musical theater training.

The episode of W&G shows Will, Jack, and Karen accidentally taking some hallucinogens. In a dark lounge, wearing a dressed reminiscent of Garland’s during the original scene, Mullally slays a very powerful and personal moment that will give you chills.

Throughout the course of Will & Grace, Karen Walker has struggled with her relationships, especially with that of her wealthy husband Stan. After finalizing her divorce with Stan, and being loopy on chocolate milk, Karen finds herself singing into a hotdog she mistakes for a microphone and giving the performance of a lifetime (in a laundromat turned jazz club). The angst and hurt in Karen’s life truly comes out in Mullally’s sultry performance—which is why we love her as a gay icon!

Watch the extended version of Megan Mullally’s performance below and see how it compares to Judy Garland’s. Different, maybe, but oh so emotional.

Makes you want to see--and hear--more of these types of moments from Karen Walker on W&G.




Tune In: 5 Binge-Worthy Gay Shows to Enjoy This Holiday Season

We are now in that weird time period of the year where Christmas has passed but New Year’s Eve isn’t here yet. Many of us are off until early 2019, which is a great thing as it gives us plenty of reasons to shop, see friends, go to the movies and more.

There will be plenty of down time, if we are lucky, so why not cuddle up on the couch next to your loved one, pet or a big bowl of soup and binge-watch some amazing gay shows that will make you laugh, cry, and so much more?

All of these are available on some type of streaming platforms, including Amazon Video, Hulu and more, so look at five that you will be chatting about with your buddies come New Year’s Eve.

Will & Grace

A classic and a necessary viewing experience for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. Many of us were wondering when the heck they were going to release W&G on streaming, and tada! It happened right when the reboot of the show premiered nearly two years ago. Now we have the option to watch both the original series run (1998-2006) and the reboot that is still on NBC, where you can catch up with the antics of Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullaly) all over again and laugh your ass off while doing so.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Something I keep hearing from my friends is how they want to get into RuPaul’s Drag Race but haven’t done so just yet. Problem solved, as pretty much all the show’s seasons are available on streaming! If you need to know which ones you should start with (and which to avoid), see our ranking we did of the best to worst here. Other than that, untuck, block your eyebrows, and get yourself ready for nothing but sheer fabulosity courtesy of RuPaul and the 100 plus queens that have stormed the werk room over the past decade.


A lot of us, myself included, were unfairly harsh on the HBO series that followed the lives of gay men living in San Francisco in the 2010 decade. “Looking” back, it was a fairly accurate portrayal of gay life in the digital age and was vastly different compared to what Queer as Folk did for us in the new millennium. Worth the 2-season and a movie binge for sure.

Queer Eye

I gotta give it to the casting directors for the Queer Eye reboot as they hit the nail on the head with the new fab five and how amazing each of them are during each episode. The concept is simple: change a man’s life for the better. The way how Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France do it though evokes so many emotions that you’ll no doubt be feeling extremely emotional throughout your viewing experience.


It’s insane to think that someone coming out of the closet on national television would cause such pandemonium, however the episode in which Ellen DeGeneres’ character Ellen Morgan came out on her 90’s sitcom caused absolute chaos in the late 90’s. That wouldn’t happen at all now, but we needed someone like Ellen to break down those doors way back when so many of us could live the lives that we live today.

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Several LGBTQ-Related Shows Receive Golden Globe Nominations

The 76th Annual Golden Globe nominations were announced on Wednesday morning, December 6th.

Several LGBTQ-related shows and films were among the many to receive nods at the upcoming ceremony. This included the F/X hit Pose for Best Drama as well as Billy Porter for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Debra Messing scored her 7th Golden Globe nomination (9th overall) for her performance as Grace Adler on the Will & Grace reboot. Will & Grace has never won a single Golden Globe. even though the program has been nominated several times over the past twenty years. She is the only actor from the show to be nominated this year. 

Speaking of reboots, Candice Bergen earned a nomination alongside Debra for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Murphy Brown. She's won in this category twice before: first in 1989 and then again in 1992. It's her first Golden Globe nod in 13 years.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace also scored a ton of nods in the Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television category. This included individual nods for Edgar Ramirez (Gianni Versace), Penelope Cruz (Donatella Versace) and Darren Criss (Andrew Cunanan). 

The LGBTQ side of things were just as prevalent in the film categories, notably Rami Malek's portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, which scored him Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama. The film is also up for Best Motion Picture- Drama.

Lucas Hedges earned himself his first ever Golden Globe nomination for Boy Erased, which is a story about the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to participate in a church-supported gay conversion program after being forcibly outed to his parents. Troye Sivan scored a nod for Best Original Song from the film for writing "Revelation." 

Speaking of Best Original Song, Lady Gaga is also up for "Shallow". The pop icon earne a nod in that category and Best Actress in a Motion Picture- Drama for A Star is Born. It's also up for Best Picture- Drama as well as Bradley Cooper for Best Actor in a Drama & Best Director.

A complete list of nominees can be seen here. The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air January 6th and will be hosted by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg


Should Will & Grace End Sooner Than Later? We're Still Watching, But ...

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I was ecstatic when news broke out about Will & Grace getting a reboot. What was initially a simple promotional thing for former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 eventually turned into the show being back on the small screen for many of us to enjoy.

Over the past two years, I have dissected every single episode that the creators have put out since its premiere in September 2017. The first season of the reboot was a way to reintroduce the four characters we have known and loved for twenty years now: Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally).

It was also an opportunity to catch up on where they are now, which really became more of a reset button for each of them given that the original finale in 2006 was simply in Karen’s mind. It was an interesting route for the show to take, given that Will and Vince (Bobby Cannavale) and Grace and Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) would have children almost entering high school at this point. There’s a part of me that wonders how radically different the show would be if they kept that storyline intact.

Much of the first season of the reboot was bringing back other characters as well and seeing how they’re doing. It was fun to watch but lacked what the show had during its original inception. Maybe it's because of how things are so drastically different than 2006 or maybe the writing is just very different, but there was something off. Still, I loved watching the show every Thursday night as it was something to look forward to before the weekend began.

The second season, however, has been a major shift downwards that really isn’t fun watching anymore. There’s nothing that inspiring about how these characters are developing that makes it worth the watch anymore. Also, many episodes seemed jumbled and not in cohesion with one another as they jump from topic to topic without ever really diving into them as the segments seem shorter and shorter (Will’s mother marrying Grace’s father, Jack’s upcoming wedding, etc).

A big focus this season revolves around Grace’s relationship with a super negative guy named Noah, played by David Schwimmer. In one of my recent recaps, I said that their chemistry on screen is very boring and monotonous and I don’t really see where they are going with it as there always seems to be an inevitable problem each episode. That’s par for the course in any sitcom, but there’s something lacking that makes me want to fast forward through their scenes every single time I watch.

Will continues to have zero, I mean ZERO-character development. Would it kill the writers to give him a relationship? He had one and a half (that short time with Taye Diggs included) in the entirety of the series yet the show is STILL ultimately about the lives of a gay man and his female roommate. Why is the love focus always on her and never on him?

As for Jack and Karen, they are great. It’s no surprise that Megan was the only one to receive an Emmy nomination this year (although Sean deserved it as well), as she’s been the saving “Grace” in all of this. Her emotional moments with the loss of Rosario (Shelley Morrison) have been touching to watch as is her navigating life amid all the troubles with Stan.

Jack is still up to his usual hijinx of trying to make it in life similarly to what Joey (Matt LeBlanc) did on Friends many years ago. It isn’t enough, however, to save this series from watching as they are still secondary characters to the two main ones.

I’m not sure what Will & Grace has to do at this point to pick up momentum, but the ratings for the most recent episode hit new lows compared to how well it performed earlier this year. I can’t be the only one picking up on this, so it might be time for the writers to figure out how to shift each of these characters for the better before this beloved and iconic series goes the way my last date: canceled.

The Super Boring Relationship Between Grace & Noah Continues on W&G

Am I the only person who is finding the relationship between Grace (Debra Messing) and Noah (David Schwimmer) unbelievably boring and uninspired?

The character of Noah was introduced at the top of this season as someone who was sort of a pain in Grace’s side but has emerged as a major love interest for her… the first since ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) I don’t know if its how the show is being structured now compared to how it used to be, or the writing, or something… but the chemistry between these two pales in comparison to the heat and fire that she and Leo used to have during the original run of the series.

The latest Will & Grace episode dives deep into their relationship yet again after Noah told Grace that he loved her. This came with an issue however, as she discovered he has a daughter that he’s not ready to introduce her to just yet.

Cue the sitcom hijinks of her accidentally meeting his daughter (named Katie), where Grace shows up to his place wanting to talk things out but she answers the door thinking the titular character is her math tutor. Grace goes along with it although she doesn’t have much of a clue about the world of math until Noah comes home and she locks herself in the closet as a way to hide.

Noah finds her in the closet, where they then get into an argument over if this relationship can last which he is way more pessimistic about it while she’s the optimist. He brings up how they both have been divorced in the past in relation to this really going the distance, which shocks Grace. She ends up leaving him before the episode ends and orders both take out and pizza to wallow in her sorrow. Then he shows up, changes his mind, they kiss and then go out (what about the delivery though?)

I’m still not understanding these two. I think the fault in this lies in Noah’s character and David’s portrayal. It’s very much something out of He’s Just Not That into You, where he doesn’t seem to really want to put the effort in, meanwhile Grace is all over the place with her emotions regarding their relationship (nothing new). There is still this part of me that is PRAYING Leo comes back and they get back together, because I don’t see much transpiring between Grace and Noah if they continue to do this back and forth with one another. It’s getting monotonous.

The other storylines brought a favorite character back, Will’s mother Marilyn Truman (Blythe Danner), who tells her son that one of his brothers died. The emotions quickly shift when the “brother” in this situation turns out to be her dog. Not much really going on here besides Karen (Megan Mullaly) eventually getting a dog of her own after a conversation with Marilyn (I love those two together).

And finally, Jack (Sean Hayes) tries to get out of work early for his show Gaybraham Twinkin, much to his bosses’ chagrin.  This leads to a conversation over who is oppressed the most in society today, where the only funny moment occurs when no one can figure out the voice that is coming from the old lady in the background.

This was another meh episode. Something I’m noticing though is Karen’s character developing a lot more this season. Usually she’s just there for the alcohol and drug related jokes, but I feel like they are trying to give her a lot in the wake of her divorce with Stan and the death of Rosario (Shelly Morrison). As for the gay characters, its status quo as usual as Jack is still trying in the acting world and Will is simply there to be supportive of his friends.

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We Can't Get Enough of Southern Belle Leslie Jordan

Any Will & Grace fan will instantly recognize the voice and hilarity that is Beverley Leslie, Karen Walker’s arch nemesis. His one-liners, punchy dialogue, and his covert yet lascivious relationship with his business associate Benjie elevate the Emmy award-winning sitcom that was brought back to television after the 2016 elections. But the journey to Beverley Leslie was not an easy one for actor Leslie Jordan. His is a career that began after stepping off a bus in Hollywood in 1982 with nothing but money sewn into his underwear and hopes to make it big in entertainment. The funny man, who hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee can immediately be recognized for the characteristic Southern accent that comes out of his cute 4’11” body. But don’t be fooled by Jordan, because at the age of 64, this little man packs a punch, is an Emmy winner, and should be regarded as one of the hardest working men in Hollywood.

Jordan has a long list of projects that also includes Sordid Lives, American Horror Story, The Help, Celebrity Big Brother UK, and as well numerous stage plays like Stories I Can’t Tell Mama and Fruit Fly. This HBO special My Trip Down the Pink Carpet is also the premise for his autobiography of the same name where he shares a very personal look into his life as a gay actor.

Now, Leslie Jordan is highlighting his career that spans over 25 years as he stars in FOX’s new show The Cool Kids, where he is part of an ensemble cast that includes big names like Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, and Martin Mull. His character, Sid, is a golden gay who gets into some crazy antics along with the rest of the characters who all live in a retirement community in Arizona. But these seniors are breaking down stereotypes as each episode shows just how lively they are. Jordan’s contributions to the show are unparalleled because even with a standout cast like The Cool Kids, Jordan empowers the LGBTQ community with his affirming character and hysterical presence.

Along with being busy as Sid on The Cool Kids, Jordan is working hard 'round the clock to bring his one-man show EXPOSED to more audiences. Having toured with his shows for over 10-15 years, Jordan has essentially laid it all out on the stage for everyone to see, but this time it’s the best of the best and he exposes it ALL, holding nothing back. Hence the title of the show.



In EXPOSED, Leslie Jordan gives audiences the honest, unadulterated humor that they rarely get to see from other comedians. And being that the LGBTQ community has so few notable comedians, Jordan makes it a point to make his show every bit entertaining, yet purposeful in the narratives he shares. EXPOSED is a hilarious look into Leslie Jordan’s life as a gay actor in Hollywood who has put in the work and wants the world to experience his fabulousness.

In talking with Mr. Jordan, I learned much about his pride for being a gay man and how his identity is the secret ingredient for his very deserving success. In preparation to watch EXPOSED, I had an opportunity to speak with Leslie Jordan where he shared the ups and downs of showbiz as well as how the one character that put him on the map, Beverley Leslie, could have ruined his career had he not pulled up his boot strapped and taken himself out on the road.


The Cool Kids is a great new show, how did you get involved with the project?

My agent called and told me that there was something really fun that was happening over at 20th Century Fox. It’s the boys who wrote It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And I thought “Oh, they’re so cute! I want them to be my boss!” My part, Sid, was written originally for a 73-year-old, straight, Jewish man from Brooklyn. So I walked into the audition and said “I’m gonna put a different spin on this.” At that point Vicki Lawrence was attached. You know, people think that in this day and age we’re just offered things—we audition. Even at the level I’m at. There’s so much content out there and so many of the younger people don’t know who we are so we all auditioned. David Alan Grier, Martin Mull—we all auditioned. David auditioned for the part that Martin ended up playing and Martin auditioned for the part that David ended up getting. So we shot a pilot last Thanksgiving because Charlie Day had to go back on It’s Always Sunny. And we’re doing really well. We’ve been picked up for a full season, 22 episodes, and people are really enjoying it!

In The Cool Kids you tend to be the most comic relief out of the group of great actors, is this something that was intended?

Well, I don’t know. I think I have the flashier part. I think they’re afraid I’m gonna burst into flames. It wasn’t planned that way but I do think that sometimes I come in for that funny part. But you know, we’re really going in a different direction where it’s not just slapstick and capers. The last few episodes have really been about us and our past, it’s incredibly funny, but we’re all getting our moment to shine.

Why is this a narrative that needs to be told?

When people talk about old people they think “OLD people”, but my generation went to Woodstock! We were the Rock N’ Roll generation so it’s not like your grandparents ‘old’ people. On the show we end up smoking a lot of pot. What I love about the series personally is that you got an aging gay guy, you got an aging African American, you got an aging straight white Republican hippie filled with conspiracy theories, and then you got a woman of a certain age. It’s about friendship and people getting older, it’s also the way we define family and we’re a family on that show.

How has your guest role as Beverley Leslie on Will and Grace changed the course of your career?

Well, I won an Emmy which I THOUGHT would change the trajectory of my career and it did in ways I didn’t think it would. People think I did a lot more episodes than I actually did. They did 500 episodes, I only did 12. When I won the Emmy I thought to myself “Well, I’m gonna kick back. I’ve been doing this for 25 years now. I’m gonna let things come to me now.” And nothing. It was the strangest thing to be sitting here with an Emmy and not working. So I went to this marketing firm out in Palm Springs and I said “I want you to sell me to the gay community. I’ll do parades, I’ll do a stand-up show, I’ll do one man comedy. I’ll do whatever I need to do, I’ll go on cruises to earn a living.” And last year I did 44 venues. But winning that Emmy and not getting work is what got me back out on the road. So this job [The Cool Kids] is my first job where I’m a series regular in 25 years. And I’ve done well, but I’m a career girl now. I get up, I go to work, I come home, I lay my outfits out for the next day. This has never been my career.



And why do you think the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook for you?

For 33 years I had been the funny guy that came in with a zinger. You’ve seen me on Will & Grace, I don’t have anything to do with the story. I just come in with “Well well well, Karen Walker!” and BAM I’m gone! And that’s been my job on most of my shows. So when you have an Emmy, producers are not going to pay extra for an actor to just come in do these one-liners. I hit a dry spell. But then I look back and if I had not hit that dry spell I would not be on the road right now. Now I do really well, I go all over the world.

Was the role written with you in mind?

The part of Beverley Leslie was originally written for Joan Collins. That is a true story. The point was for her to steal Rosario the maid away from Megan Mullally’s character and then they would have a big Dynasty cat fight. But then Ms. Collins couldn’t do it so they just changed the character and I went out and auditioned. People think it was written for me because ‘Leslie Jordan’ and ‘Beverley Leslie’, but nope, Ms. Joan Collins was Beverley Leslie.

How much of what Beverley Leslie says is written and how much is improvised?

People think that we get to improvise a lot of Will & Grace, but I learned early in my career that film is a director’s medium, stage is an actor’s medium, T.V. is a writer’s medium. You are not allowed to improvise. In the rehearsal part, yes, you can certainly go to the writers and tell them what you think will be funny, but with Beverley Leslie I don’t think I’ve ever improvised. One time, I got in a little bit of trouble for it. It was the Jennifer Lopez episode. Jack was offering Rosario a shrimp and I was supposed to just cross through and he said “Shrimp!” and I said “Queer!”. The audience just went crazy. They came over and said “You can keep that in, but let’s don’t make that a habit.”



For those who haven’t seen your show “Exposed”, what might they expect?

It’s me telling stories, it’s what I’m good at. I’m a raconteur from the time I was little. My mother use to caution me that there’s a difference between flat out lying and telling stories. It tells the story of this kid who stepped off the bus in 1982 with $1,200 pinned to his underpants and his dreams and his life of being a gay actor. It’s a one person show and I have been doing it off and on for 10 to 15 years. I’ve done it on the West End in London, I’ve done it Off Broadway, Lily Tomlin produced it for a while. It’s 75 minutes of the very best of all my shows over the years. It’s filthy. I always tell myself I’m not gonna be dirty, but who am I kidding? My mother saw it one time a million years ago and she said, “You weren’t raised to talk like that.” So I don’t let her come anymore. And I change it wherever I am. Let’s say I’m in a gay bar at night—Oh, honey!

How is “Exposed” different from your other comedy productions?

It’s me. I wrote it. It’s about me. Exposed is probably the closest to telling the true story of me. In recovery we’re always taught to share—put your hand up and tell your experiences—but I finally went to my spiritual advisor and said I don’t even know what the truth is anymore! It’s almost like a musician with a set list. I have so many stories—Sordid Lives, Will & Grace stories, winning the Emmy—and it ends on a really cute poignant level, but it’s a story of a gay man in Hollywood. And this is not just MY story, it’s OUR story.

I know you have participated in readings for Stan Zimmerman’s ‘Silver Foxes’ pilot. Is this a project you would be on board with if greenlit for production?

Absolutely! They’ve been touting ‘Silver Foxes’ as the gay Golden Girls and we did readings for it. The story of ‘Silver Foxes’ is how difficult it is to get a show into production these days. I mean, come on, you’ve got Stan Zimmerman! He wrote every sitcom known to man. You think everyone would be throwing their doors open to come in. But it’s almost like the bigger the industry gets with all these different venues you’d think there’d be a hundred different ways in, and there’s not. I just don’t think they’ve been able to find a home for it yet. I’m not at a level where I can shepherd a show. I don’t know where it stands right now, but I would certainly be on board for it. I truly wish it the best.



You can keep up with Leslie Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The Cool Kids airs Fridays on FOX or catch it on Hulu if you want to binge!

And if you haven’t seen EXPOSED, find out when Leslie Jordan will be in a city near you and go watch it! You won’t regret it. For more information on the Southern Belle with a potty mouth, visit www.thelesliejordan.com

Will & Grace Recap: The L Word and Gaybraham Twinkin

The two most recent Will & Grace episodes have severely tugged at our heartstrings, so it was nice to see that the cast changed things up a bit on Thursday night’s program with something a bit funnier.

There are still some emotional moments in this episode, but they pale in comparison in terms of what we had to deal with two weeks ago regarding Grace’s #MeToo story and how rough it was for Will after he came out 30 years ago the week before.

The A storyline revolves around Grace and her boyfriend Noah, played by David Schwimmer. He has shown up quite frequently during the show’s 2nd season revival, and things appear to be going decently between the two of them. Will emerges after Noah leaves their apartment and admits to not really caring for the man she’s dating. Grace then hatches a plan for them to hang out in a very Parent Trap sort of way, where Noah eventually reveals that he has a 12-year-old daughter but wants to keep it from Grace for a bit.

The B storyline involves Jack and Karen and their usual shenanigans. Karen spoke with “Accountant” and she needs to invest in something that she knows will fail amid her divorce from Stan. Enter Jack and his return to the stage with a show that is all about the alleged gay love life of former President Abraham Lincoln, or in this case… Gaybraham Lincoln.

Yes, there were some funny moments in both, but to be honest… I was bored watching these. The relationship between Grace and Noah is incredibly uninspiring and lacks what she had with Leo (Harry Connick Jr) many moons ago. I’m not sure if this is me always seeing David as Ross from his Friends character, but there isn’t that much to like about these two even though he said “I love you” to her by the end of the episode. And once again, Will is the supportive friend as opposed to being someone who finds love himself. I love W&G but it’s a major flaw that the show is still suffering from where Grace’s love life is always the focal point and Will is just there to help her through her relationship issues.

Jack and Karen’s part was kind of funny. She originally laughed (in a bad way) at all his ideas for the show before it eventually gets popular and she replaces him as the lead with Two and a Half Men alum Jon Cryer. It’s cute, and the gay puns are on full force as they always are, but wasn’t last week’s episode about Will and Karen battling it out lip sync style to be Jack’s best man at his upcoming wedding?

The cohesiveness of these episodes in the reboot are very confusing. I would think that the B storyline would be Jack and Karen hilariously doing something fun for the upcoming nuptials, but instead its just relying on what he did so much of during the original run of the show as a failed actor. Who knows where these characters will end up next week… but I’m puzzled as their development yet again.

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Brace Yourself: Grace Sings Her Greatest Hits on W&G

Debra Messing’s comedic talents know no end when it comes to her portrayal of Grace Adler on Will & Grace.

There have been so many endless moments with Grace that have been downright hilarious to watch over and over again since the show premiered way back in 1998 (with a 9-year break in between). Her delusional singing abilities is easily one of them, and now the show’s official YouTube channel has mashed several of them together into a “greatest hits” collection of sorts.

This includes iconic “tracks” like Grace belting out “Midnight Train to Georgia” in front of Sandra Bernhard, screeching Outkast’s “Hey Ya” before her neighbors called and tell her to shut up and her rendition of “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music that scared a group of children away.

Watch the clip below and brace yourself ahead of time:

The latest episode of Will & Grace airs tonight on NBC, where Will discovers that Noah (the guy Grace is dating played by David Schwimmer) has a kid and promises to keep the news from her.

Will & Grace Recap: Grace Details Her Horrific #MeToo Incident

Debra Messing is one hell of an actress, albeit comedic or dramatic. The dramatic side of her character Grace Adler isn’t seen too much, and when it does it usually revolves around her relationship with men or her longtime friendship with Will (Eric McCormack). That all changed on Thursday night’s episode where she opened up about her own #MeToo incident that occurred at a very young age.

The episode has two storylines this go around, with Grace reluctantly going to Schenectady with her father Martin (Robert Klein) to visit her late mother Bobbi’s (Debbie Reynolds) grave and his best friend Harry. Before leaving their apartment, Grace says that she will no way visit Harry’s grave, which at this point gives no clues as to why she won’t go.

The other storyline revolves around Will and Karen (Megan Mullaly) battling it out to be Jack’s (Sean Hayes) best man at his upcoming wedding. Wow… Jack is actually getting married! The scene takes place at a fictitious gay bar named after the legendary drag queen Coco Peru, who hilariously appears throughout. Essentially W&G comes up with its very own “Lip Sync for your Life” type of ordeal that RuPaul’s Drag Race has done for a decade now, except their version centers around lip syncing to a monologue to determine who will be Jack’s best man.

Will’s lip sync was to “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”, where he emulates Chris Crocker beautifully and hysterically. Karen goes a little more classic with hers, lip syncing to the Wicked Witch’s monologue from The Wizard of Oz. It ends up in a tie, where they then have to answer questions about how well they know Jack. Jack ends up choosing both of them in the end, as he had a hard time picking between the two people he’s been the closest with for so many years.

That storyline is all and great, but Grace’s is far more important given the climate we are in with the #MeToo movement. They stop by a local diner on their way to Schenectady, where there’s a bit of humor courtesy of a waitress who takes her job way too seriously. Martin flirts with her during their scenes, which makes Grace very uncomfortable to which he thinks that everyone is so sensitive in today’s world.

At some point, his friend Harry gets brought up and Grace bravely tells why she is adamant on not going to his grave. Her story revolves around him sexually molesting her when she was 15 while she worked for him over the summer. Grace gets very graphic and direct with Martin over how it happened, leaving him completely devastated over what he heard.

It leads to Grace yelling at her father regarding why he didn’t protect her, which he emphatically apologizes shortly after and starts crying. He then asks Grace for her forgiveness which she gives him. Later on in the episode Grace visits Bobbi’s grave, who was the only person that knew about the situation. 

Will & Grace this season is really doing a fantastic job at their storylines, something I felt they lacked during the first season’s reboot. A lot of their lives continues to unravel, and it will be interesting to see how these characters continue to develop as the show goes along.

Kudos to the show for creating an episode surrounding the #MeToo movement, as these stories need to be told... real or fictional.

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