Adam Dupuis

I'm 42 year old single gay man who is always in search of new things and new experiences, hence my stab at blogging for Instinct Magazine.  My way of blogging is to include some facts as well as opinions and ask questions of the readers.  Many will disagree with me and that's okay!  Am I a writer? Heck no!  Am I a reporter?  Definitely not!  Journalist?  Far from it.  So if you have issues with my writing and / or reporting, well, there's a lot out there that we don't like.  If you have issues with my opinions, let's chat!  I've made some great friends from my blogging and do I dare say some enemies, too.

Originally from Maine, I moved to Fort Lauderdale in August 2013.  The seasons are missed, but not the 20+ inches of snow per storm.  Most of my family and many friends are still in New England so I try to visit often.  Travel is definitely my most loved hobby with Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, Key West, New Orleans, and Montreal as my favorite spots so far.  Kayaking is another fun way that I like to spend my time, along with beaching it and any activities involving friends.