2 Plead Guilty, Receive No Jail Time In Philadelphia Gay Bashing Case

What can you say to this.


Two men entered guilty pleas and were sentenced Thursday in the beating of a gay couple in Center City Philadelphia.

24-year-old Philip Williams pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy, while 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan pleaded guilty to simple assault and conspiracy.

Williams was sentenced to five years probation, while Harrigan was sentenced to three years probation. Both will also have to perform 200 hours of community service at an LGBT facility.

They also cannot enter Center City during their probation.

The third person charged, 24-year-old Kathryn Knott, will head to trial. – 6abc.com


The attack happened at 16th and Chancellor streets in September, 2014.

One accuser said Harrigan used slurs to ask if he and his partner were gay. Zachary Hesse said he was then punched in the face. Andy Haught had a broken jaw and cheekbones.

Williams and Harrigan said the attack wasn't motivated by the victims' sexual orientation.

The plea deal was at the wish of the victims, according to the district attorney's office. The victims said they felt safe in Center City before the attack. – 6abc.com

But what do you expect from a city that doesn't have hate crime laws that include sexual orientation?

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  1. Should have been 20,000 hours


    Should have been 20,000 hours of community service at least and also educational classes on LGBT Issues.


  2. Weather I agree with the

    Weather I agree with the victims or not is irrelevant, but if this is what the victims want, I say yes do it ,  BTW I have to say I am impressed by the victims request, I'm curious what the out come of the community service working with the LGBT will do to their way of thinking.

  3. The female, Kathryn Knott’s

    The female, Kathryn Knott's father is a police offer….  

    Abington police Chief William Kelly said his department reviewed a pair of tweets posted by Kathryn Knott at a time when her father, Karl Knott, was on the force, and police found no evidence of wrongdoing

  4. In the very beginning of this

    In the very beginning of this whole thing it was reported that one of the attackers father is head of police.


  5. I don’t see justice here.

    I don't see justice here. They are getting off basically scott free, for a vicious, unprovoked attack, a gang attack. A slap on the hand is all the judge can come up with? I'd override the victim request on this one. It's sending a Very Bad Signal that it's ok. Not ok!!! These people need serious help in addition to some serious jail time.

  6. Wait.. on second thought…
    Wait.. on second thought… what other minority could they have savagely attacked li this and received ZERO jail time? Hmmm… maybe ZERO other minorities!! What a travesty of “justice”!!!!!

  7. At first yes we can be pissed
    At first yes we can be pissed. Yes trust me there should have been a year or so of jail, or two. BUT this is a much more restrictive and specific punishment for them and maybe they will learn something by working around our community and they can be enlightened and change their minds and feel very sorry at their actions. And they might be more uncomfortable around a bunch of gays than prisoners, so they deserve such a miserable experience, if they don’t evolve and learn something at the community center.

  8. Ehh, the sentence was at the

    Ehh, the sentence was at the victims' request and people get probation for assault charges all the time.

  9. It’s not only in the system

    It's not only in the system in the above mentioned article, I suffered at the hands of an emergency room in Massachusetts visiting family, Feb 2015. A homophobic PNP and her squad permanently damaged my foot/leg. Yes the word "faggot" was used within my earshot .Yes I am damaged for life. It may wind up with amputation of partial limb in the future due to it. Nothing can be done legally.My doctor here at home agrees that it sounds as if was done with malicious intent,homophobia exists everywhere,the medical community is not exempt. Its wrong. Nothing but.

    In the case above? same thing. We are 2nd class. Possibly lower.They know, imo, that they can get away with it. 

    • File a complaint with the

      File a complaint with the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) immediately, if you have not done so already. Don't accept what has happened to you, and get assistance with your case to prevent it from happening to others. You have a right to legal aid.


      • Thank you for you kind

        Thank you for you kind response. I am originally from Mass but now live in Florida.I had 2 lawyers examine the medical records.they indicated that nothing could be done. Too many what if's and, yes, everyone loves nurse's bs. Tort reform does not help as well. I will explore your suggestion. It is hectic here, I am still going thru medical treatment 7 months later,recent paperwork indicates (to my employer)2+ years severe issues.I'm.venting…..alls I can say right now..homophophbic bitch damaged me for what? It's Sadistic . I'm sorry hun

  10. This outcome is bullshit,

    This outcome is bullshit, This was nothing more than a hate crime why else did they do it? Simply because they were GAY!

    • The death penalty is too

      The death penalty is too harsh, no?  Usually the death penalty is given if someone dies and no one died here. 


  11. The sentence on its face

    The sentence on its face appears to be too light for the crime.  

    We can only hope that after serving 200 hours of community service, they will make friends and gain an in insight and understanding of the LGBT community and realize how wrong their actions were.  The additional side is that they are on probation and will be monitored during that period. Their probation also limits their movement about the city and from entering areas in the Center City. Full details of the requirements regarding alcohol and drug use during probation are not discussed, but more than likely included. Second guessing a judge and sentencing results can be easy from an arm-chair.

    Does the order of probation also include restitution for medical?  The state did not have a LGBT inclusive portion to their hate crime laws, so could not be convicted of that crime at the time, this has since changed in Pennsylvania.  I have tried to find an article that has published all the details on the probation.  The charges they plead to appear to be felony but I have not seen a report on that either.  

    We need more transparency on this case!~

  12. Okay, so this is the criminal

    Okay, so this is the criminal trial, after this is over the gay couple can sue for punitive damages and be awarded $$$.  It's not over just yet.


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