2-Year Old Cape Town Discrimination Case Finally Settled.

Equality struggles facing LGBT customers are not just occurring in Indiana pizza shops, Michigan auto repair shops, and the like.  There are other uneducated bigoted business owners in different corners of the United States and the world.

In a groundbreaking settlement the Equality Court in Cape Town has agreed that owners of a guesthouse cannot use their religious beliefs to turn away gay customers.

Neil Coulson and his husband Jonathan Sedgwick were denied accommodation in November 2013 by the House of Bread in the town of Wolseley, near Ceres, because their sexual orientation was in conflict with the owners’ Christian views.

The men, who are Christians themselves, wanted to be in the area to be near their son who was going to attend a school camp. They were humiliatingly told that the venue was “not gay friendly.”

This week the case was finally settled in the Equality Court, with the owners apologising for their actions and promising to not discriminate against LGBT people in future, failing which they will be in contempt of court. – MAMBAONLINE.COM

As we fight our fights here, we see that other nations are dealing with similar issues.

One question I have had throughout this whole issue has been, "where is the executive branch?"  All of these bills, laws, and regulations have involved the other two branches, legislative and judicial.  Where has Obama been?  What is his opinion.  Yes there has been deaths in Furgeson, trials in Staten Island that have received soundbytes from POTUS himself.  He's taken time to personally speak on African American issues, but his own voice has not been heard in regard to the influx of RFRA laws. 

I haven't decided if I will vote for Hillary in 2016.  Just because she finally announced she is running doesn't mean she will get my vote.  Of course I will choose another Clinton over another Bush eight days a week. Prior to her announcement to run for 2016, she did have the cajones to speak her mind about the Indiana RFRA Law.  But would she if she were President and not just a candidate?


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