7 Great Gay Projects To Help Fund On Kickstarter

If you guys follow my Instinct posts regularly or happen to know about my personal blog Queer Fudanshi, I love to share LGBTQ media.

I love going like:

“Hey, here’s this lesbian web series about a Canadian college student and her vampire roommate. Hey, here’s this Japanese comic series about a police officer and the heir to a Yakuza family falling in love. Hey, here’s this American movie about a black kid from Florida who’s struggling with his sexuality in a neighborhood overtaken by drugs”

But, possibly something I also love to do is to share Kickstarters/Crowdfunding pages of interesting LGBTQ projects.

Now of course, I don’t share every Kickstarter that I come across or that gets sent to my email (Some of those sending the emails might want to remember that). But, I do share the projects that look interesting or serve a great message. And today, I’ve decided to share a bunch of them with you all.

So, read down below if you’re looking for a good LGBTQ project to fund.

(Heads up though. Unfortunately, some of these Kickstarters are ending in a couple days, so if you want to back them you should do it soon.)

  1. Isha

Isha is a project for a short film about Rahmi, a gay Romanian Muslim man living in London. Rahmi lives with his mother and younger brother. Since his father isn’t round, Rahmi has to act as the man of the house, but that starts to become an deep conflict with his sexuality and secret relationship with another man.  

  1. Magic H8 Ball

We’ve already talked about Magic H8 Ball once on this site, but I felt it should be added to this list (and why not give it some more attention right?).

The story follows Adam, a young man who’s devastated by a recent break up. Adam found out that his boyfriend cheated on him and gave him Chlamydia. In his distress, he finds a magic 8 ball and asks it if it’ll decide his life for him The ball says yes.

This comedy film project will then explore the confusing time after a breakup through Adam’s wild ride with a kid’s toy (that might be turning evil).

  1. The Boys of Outspoken

This one, I don’t have to explain. The creators explain it all pretty well in the video down below.

  1. Pronouns Enamel Pin Set

This is a pretty simple Kickstarter with a great function. You can back this project to help bring these beautiful pronoun pins to life. Then, you put the pin (or you sticker depending on your pledge) on your clothes, bags, hats, whatever and let the world know which pronoun you’d prefer to be called as.

  1. In The Dark

This is another project that we’ve talked about before.

Earlier this year, In the Dark came out as a short film about a college romance between a closeted, black athlete and an openly gay student. Austin, the athletic student, is struggling with his sexuality and naturally gravitates towards Eric who introduces him to how to be open in life and in terms of one’s sexuality.

Sites like Instinct and OutSports praised the director’s debut short film for depicting an interracial gay couple and the story of a gay college athlete. And now, the creator wants to extend the story into a feature length film.

  1. Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is a project for a romantic comedy feature film. The description of the premise found on Kickstarter goes as follows:

“Novelist Tyler O’Conner’s imagination is so out of control that it occasionally renders him unable to make the simplest decisions. After he loses the ability to leave the house due to his anxiety, he enlists the aid of his therapist to overcome his fears while going after the man of his dreams, Shane Revere.”

What’s interesting about this is that some of it will be told through O’Conner’s imagination. So, we’ll see through the spirited and quirky mind that he lives in on a daily basis and judge the world around him based on that. It could get interesting.

  1. The Bi-ble: An Antholody of Essays on Bisexuality

Lastly, we have the Bi-ble which is the other project, besides Pronoun pins, that isn’t a film project.

Again, this is a pretty self-explanatory one, so I’ll let the video down below tell you what it is.

And that is it for this Kickstarter list. Perhaps I’ll share another one with you next month.

But what’s important is that we all look around to see what potential LGBTQ projects are out there and if we can somehow help them to become a reality. After all, that will only give us more LGBTQ representation. Who wouldn’t want that?

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