A Gay Chechen Refugee Was Attacked in Toronto

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News has released that last month, a young gay man who had escaped Chechnya into Canada was attacked by Chechen sympathizers.

Allegedly, what happened was that the young man from Chechnya was living in an undisclosed location in Toronto. He started talking to another man via a dating app and decided to meet up with this new romantic hopeful.

Sadly, when the young gay man got there he wasn’t greeted by just one person but two. The two men overpowered him and placed him in the backseat of a car before yelling and swearing at him. They reportedly said things like his homosexually had disgraced Chechnya.

But, luckily the young man was released physically unharmed.

Even though the victim has refused to report the incident, for fear of retribution, Toronto police have started an investigation into it.

In addition, this has caused a stir in the Chechen refugee community (those who went public) who had escaped from the country to Canada in hopes to finally be free of the hate and persecution.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is still choosing to not comment on the entire situation.

Chrystia Freeland / via Youtube @TheNational

You see, word got out last month that there was a secret (though, not so secret anymore) program run by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland that was actively helping at least 31 gay Chechen men escape Chechnya and enter Canada.

First, the gay men would escape their homes and find refuge with the charity/activist group Russian LGBT Network. From there, with the help of both organizations the men would travel through a sort of underground railroad until they had reached Canada.

After that, programs of assistance have been created to help the Chechen men integrate into Canadian life. For instance, housing has been offered, language training is being given, mental-health counseling is made available when needed, and programs are helping them to find work.

So far, besides the Canadian secret mission being leaked to the public, there were no issues in this mission to help gay Chechen men… until now.

Again, an investigation is ongoing to find out who these two attackers were and if they truly had ties to Chechnya.

And while the Canadian government is officially saying nothing about the entire operation and incident, they might be pulling some strings in the shadows as well.

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