A Sexy Exclusive with Prince Joshua On Music Debut, WeHo Pride, & More

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You may be familiar with style influencer Prince Joshua from his presence in LGBTQ+ nightlife, social media platform, and appearances on hit queer television shows including GoGo for the Gold and For the Love of DILFs, which are both streaming on OUTtv. Continuing his passion for performing, he is excited to embark on his next endeavor: music.

Last month, the entertainer unveiled his debut single, “Royal Tease,” featuring queer rapper Big Dream, accompanied by a striking and almost too hot to handle music video. Having previously appeared in the visuals for Trinity the Tuck‘s “Femboys” and Salina Estitties‘ “Papi,” Prince Joshua was thrilled to write and direct the video for “Royal Tease.”

Image via @lucasinstyle

“You can always expect my royal aesthetic in every detail,” he says. “I love to combine my passion for dance, fashion, and music, and I crafted all my interests to create ‘Royal Tease.’ I want to make music for everyone, but I wanted to especially represent the very out and proud gay people like myself who aren’t afraid to act like a f*gg** and love themselves by doing so.”

Additionally, Prince Joshua and Big Dream had the pleasure of performing “Royal Tease” live during the OutLoud Music Festival at WeHo Pride on June 2. 

Image via @lucasinstyle

Instinct recently caught up with the artist to further discuss his new track and playing at Pride, as well as future music aspirations, opening up and showing his more vulnerable side, and how he will continue to promote queer Latino artists. 

Check out the full video interview below.

Prince Joshua…


Click HERE to check out the official “Royal Tease” music video.

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