A Shirtless Colin Farrell Bulges Out Of Shorts On Beverly Hills Run

Who wears short-shorts? Apparently, Colin Farrell does. The 45 year old Irish actor recently went for a jog in Beverly Hills, CA that did not leave much to the imagination. A shirtless and sweaty Farrell reminded us all that he is still a sex symbol.

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Farrell, who will be reprising his role as The Penguin in the “The Batman” spinoff series for HBO Max, was seen rocking purple shorts, a charcoal gray muscle tee and a hat while working out at Coldwater Canyon Park. But as all guys with toned physiques do, Farrell went shirtless just in time for the paps to snap their flicks. Since there are paparazzi pics we can’t show them here, but we can point you over to the sites that carry the paps pics.


We’ve been drooling over Farrell’s physique for some time, well all the time, who are we kidding. Farrell began his acting career in the UK and broke onto the acting scene in 2000 with the release of Joel Schumacher’s critically acclaimed Tigerland.

So about those other pics. Scruff or shaved clean, we’ll woof woof woof every time.

HotPress cover

And when he was so much younger.

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

For more of his younger years, head over to Ranker.com to find some pics you may have forgotten about.

But there’s another collection of photos that will keep you busy over at of all places, Rottentomatoes.com.

Rottentomatoes.com screen shot

His most recent paparazzi pics is not the first time Farrell has been spotted working out in little to no clothing. The Hollywood star is often seen shirtless, in shorts and rocking a headband while working out. Farrell’s workout routine consists of jogging, weight-lifting, and crossfit. Whatever he’s doing, it is certainly working. I don’t think anyone is complaining about Farrell’s routine, or going shirtless while doing said routine. You certainly won’t get any complaints from us.

But yes, those pics.  Who has them?  Head over to justjared.com to see a plethora of paparazzi pics of his recent outdoor run where Farrell’s tight shorts revealed to any and everyone watching just what he was working with. I mean-if you saw his sex tape with former girlfriend and model Nicole Narain that leaked in 2005, then you know exactly what the Total Recall star is working with. I know that I totally recall it.


Thanks for the eye candy Colin! Farrell has also been a longtime ally to the LGBTQ+ community, as he has an openly gay brother, Eamon. 

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