A YouTube Love Letter That Will Warm Your Heart

Christian Cook and Noah Roth at Cedar Point (Photo Credit: Christian Cook via Instagram)

Seeing two people wholly and honestly in love can be a heartwarming experience.  This is certainly true when it comes to Noah Roth and Christian Cook. On his YouTube channel, Noah shared a video love letter to Noah last week called ‘I accidentally fell in love with my best friend…’

Noah put out the challenge to get 3,000 likes on the video.  At the time of writing this, the like count was 2,884.

The couple received many positive comments on their relationship.

The two guys have been a couple since December 2017 after being friends since 2014.  Noah and Christian detail their entire story up until September 2019 in a video.

Noah explained how they went from being best friends to falling in love:

“In 2017, that’s when everything changed.  We started jokingly flirting with each other.  We, like, started calling each other ‘babe.’ I would be like ‘good night, babe’ and it would be like a joke, but it also wasn’t a joke cause we were actually falling in love with each other.”

On his YouTube channel, Noah documented his first date with Christian.

Noah also documented the first time he and Christian met.

Noah made it a goal to capture every month of 2018, the first year he was with Christian and did a short montage of the year.

Noah and Christian finally moved in together in the fall of 2019.

You can find more videos of Noah and Christian on Noah’s YouTube channel.

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Source: Noah Roth YouTube Channel


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