Ada Maris Shocked by Portrayal of Latinx Character

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It is hard to believe that we are still fighting against archaic and stereotypical portrayals of minority characters in film and television.

Veteran Latinx actress Ada Maris, known for her roles in shows like Nurses, Star Trek: Enterprise, and The Brothers Garcia, was set to play a maid named Carmen in Netflix forthcoming comedy series Uncoupled. Starring Neil Patrick Harris as a successful forty-something professional in New York who has to navigate single life after his husband of 17 years abruptly walks out on him, Uncoupled was created and executive produced by Darren Star (Younger and Emily in Paris).


However, Maris will no longer be playing the role, and it was removed from the script altogether after she voiced some concerns. 

After receiving and reading the script in September, she says she was shocked by how stereotypical and one-dimensional the role was, particularly because of the talent associated with the project. 

“When I opened it and saw that it wasn’t even funny – it was hurtful and derogatory – I was shocked because I walked in expecting something very different given the way things are nowadays and the progress we’ve made,” she told Variety


According to Maris, Carmen has two scenes in the first episode. She is introduced as being “nearly hysterical on the phone” with Harris’ character, Michael Lawson, because she thinks there has been a burglary in the apartment.

“Mister, I just get here and they stole!”

The broken English continued in Carmen’s next line: “They stole! They rob you! I don’t know how they get in.”


In the scene, Carmen takes a glass that Michael just washed and says, “No, I do that. You don’t clean good, you always leave a ring.”

Maris told Variety that she was both outraged by Carmen’s characterization and disappointed that something so stereotypical would come from gay men who she assumed would be more sensitive to caricatural portrayals of people from marginalized communities.

“You are modern gay men,” she says. “How would you like to watch or play an outdated, offensively stereotypical gay part?


As an established entertainer, Maris felt an obligation to make an example of what she read in Uncoupled to sensitize writers and producers to the damage that is done by one-dimensional portrayals that cross a line into demeaning.

“I’m just fed up,” she says. “If I’m not going to say anything now, when am I going to say something? I just want (writers) to think the next time they write a character like that. I’m speaking out for the younger actors coming up so they face even less of that than my generation has. Young people are impressionable. These media images shape our ideas of ourselves. That’s why it’s really important that the portrayals be more realistic, not hurtful. We need to see ourselves more like we really are.”

In addition to removing the character, Netflix issued an apology.

“We’re sorry that Ms. Maris had a negative experience, and this character will not appear in the series,” a Netflix spokesperson said.


8 thoughts on “Ada Maris Shocked by Portrayal of Latinx Character”

  1. Such an opportunity to rewrite the character and move the dial forward.
    Rather, let’s get rid of the ‘problem’ and move on.
    For those that think she should just shut up, leave the roll to someone else, or go away. She’s speaking up so things can change. Yes, there will always be a stereo type but there is more.
    I used to think, “It’s only a show”. But over the years I have discovered how I was influenced by what I watched.
    I stand with you, Ada Maris!

  2. “You are modern gay men,” she says. “How would you like to watch or play an outdated, offensively stereotypical gay part?”

    She obviously doesn’t watch TV; 90% of what I see are outdated, offensively stereotypical gay parts.

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  4. The Italians are mafia…The Irish are drunks…The Germans are ex Nazis…You get the point. It’s just a role they play. Everyone at sometime or another makes fun of their self.

  5. I’m all for promoting and employing minority actors, but come ON people, do they really need to be forced to spew out the words of poor, stupid, insensitive, offensive script writers to get a job? Ada Maris is standing up for ALL OF US HUMANS in saying NO to bad, racist, and exploitive writing. Good on her! Fire the writers, NP Harris (you KNOW better, bitch!) and NetFlix (SHAME!), and get OFF Ms Maris’s back! This is NOT Cancel Culture, it is Human Rights!

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