Alarming Stats Show Tyler Oakley’s Losing Fans (But Should We Believe Them)

Are YouTube fans over Tyler Oakley?


I was preparing to write up a quick and simple post about YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s latest video, which was a team up with singer and actress Lady Gaga.

The gay YouTuber and the A Star is Born actress joined together to surprise fans at a screening of Gaga’s film.

While all that is good and fun, one commenter on another site had this writer contemplating a hard truth. Is Tyler Oakley no longer popular?

The comment posted a screenshot of some statistics about Oakley’s plummeting viewer count. It looks like since 2016, the YouTuber’s channel is seeing a decrease in viewer numbers.



I then did a little search myself and found the website where these graphs came from.

It seems SocialBlade was the site of origin and they reveal that Tyler Oakley’s channel has seen better days.


The detailed statistics page reveals that Oakley’s views per month have dropped from 10 Million in 2016 to below 5 Million in the current year. In addition, his number of subscribers has dropped and so too have his daily views for the most of 2018.


Then looking at his videos page on the YouTube channel, you can see that there does seem to be a change. While videos from three years ago often earned 1 Million or more views, Oakley’s most recent views rarely break the 200,000 mark.

One could say this difference is due to the accumulation of views on the older videos as time went by, but the overall image is still concerning.

Keep in mind that this post isn’t meant to infuriate fans. It’s simply from one person, who is neither a fan nor a hater, who always thought of Oakley as a top LGBTQ YouTuber. As such, these lowered numbers seem eye-opening.


Decreasing subscriber/viewer counts aside, that title is still accurate. Tyler Oakley has more than 7.5 Million subscribers to this day, he uploads at least one video a week, he is often honored for bringing visibility to LGBTQ issues and people, and the general populace still knows him as a popular gay YouTuber.

Even if his popularity is waning, his worth as an outspoken gay content creator is as strong as ever.

If Lady Gaga thinks he’s a worthy guy to work with to surprise and benefit fans, then Tyler Oakley is doing just fine in my eyes.

But what do you all say? Is Tyler Oakley in or out?




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7 thoughts on “Alarming Stats Show Tyler Oakley’s Losing Fans (But Should We Believe Them)”

  1. I think this will happen to

    I think this will happen to 99% of youtubers sooner or later. Look at Charlieissocoollike, he used to get millions of views; today he struggles a lot.

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  3. YouTube provides instant

    YouTube provides instant stardom, or perhaps notoriety is a better term, but it’s often with a targeted audience and does not seem to crossover to the mainstream media. It’s the modern equivalent to local cable shows that gained an audience. They were interesting for a while, there were a few that made it to the mainstream, but most had a short lifespan.

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