All-Gender Restrooms Not A Hit With Everyone At The DNC


Many issues were discussed during the recent Democratic National Convention, but none affected every participant more than when it was time to go.  Thanks Sarah Wood and, we get understand what DNC attendees experienced when using the restrooms in the Wells Fargo Center.

After walking through the center for a bit I stumbled upon something I had never seen before. It was new, it was different, it was all-inclusive — it was an “All-Gender” bathroom.

What was I to do? People of all genders were walking in.

So, I did what everyone else was doing who had to relieve themselves, I went in.

Upon entering, this is what happened to me: I walked in and noticed a bunch of stalls. ALL of those stalls had doors, so I chose one of those, well, since that’s all there was. The next part is pretty self-explanatory and I’ll spare you the details, THEN I exited the stall, walked to the sink and WASHED MY HANDS. I then exited the bathroom.

This may be shocking to some people, but EVERYONE ELSE was doing the SAME THING. It was pretty much like every other bathroom experience, except for seeing a couple male faces, but we all kept to ourselves, as one does in any bathroom. –

What an eye opening experience!  We loved Sarah's sarcasm in reporting the horrific experience of using a same-sex bathroom.  Head over to for her entire post and more of her wit.

She did include this video from Fox "News" showing one of its reporter's true disgust in the facilities as well as the convention as a whole. Remember, it's Fox "News."



We would love to see the day when how and where we pee as a nation is put behind us.  Is there any chance this will happen soon? 

A dozen U.S. states will file a brief asserting that the federal court should not impede enforcement of Obama administration policies aimed at advancing anti-discrimination protections for transgender students and workers. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson will lead the filing. The efforts of Ferguson and others are in direct response to officials in 10 other states, including Texas and Nebraska, who sued the federal government this spring over the interpretation of civil rights laws—specifically with regards to the Department of Education's instructions that schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms which correspond to their gender identity. The states backing Ferguson include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. –

Will this list grow? Or will states wait to see who wins the next election before backing something that may die in early November?

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