An Exclusive with LGBTQ+ Pop Sensation Parker Matthews

Image via Easton Schirra

A powerful voice, wrapped in a sensual empathy, Parker Matthews has been destined for a career in entertainment since his earliest memories.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Matthews felt trapped in a society that seemed determined to break his spirit. Music provided the artist solace and a way to connect with others across the world, turning his personal struggles into universal anthems of resilience and belonging. That communal spirit would later become a defining aspect of Matthews’ career. 


His first major breakthrough came with the viral single “Layover,” which was which was viewed on TikTok 1.8M times. Its mixture of thought-provoking lyrics and compelling melodies was a hit with fans and critics alike, drawing comparisons to icons like Sam Smith and Lady Gaga for both his artistry and activism. Since then, Matthews has continued his musical journey and even started his own record label, PM3 Entertainment.

Image via Parker Burr

Now that he is on the brink of stardom, Matthews is as committed to his values as ever. His deepest passion is not only to advocate for artists, but also to be an inspiration and positive light for LGBTQ+ youth. Above all, he is a reminder of how music can touch lives and promote positive societal change. 

Instinct recently had the opportunity to catch up with Matthews and talk more about his career and projects, including his latest single, “More Than Friends,” as well as the impact he aims to make with his voice.


Check out the full video interview below.

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