An Overwhelming Majority of Republican Candidates Silent on Supporting LGBT Rights

According to a GLAAD survey, out of 463 conservatives interviewed about being in favor of LGBT rights, only 32 responded. That's only a little below 7%, which means that 93% of GOP candidates refused to respond, reports Into More.

This survey asks how supportive and accepting congressional candidates are of LGBT people. The people surveyed are candidates running for governor, lieutenant governor, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Of the Republican participants, there was division on questions such as if they would be comfortable seeing a same-sex couple hold hands in public, and only 55% (about 18 people) of the participants said that they were allies. So only about 4% of Republican participants said that they are in favor of LGBT rights. Many responders could be classified as "detached supporters," meaning that they are mildly uncomfortable with the issues listed in the survey, while others expressed discomfort with the scenarios in the survey. To contrast this, 95% of Democrats responded to the survey, with 99% of that group saying that they are LGBT allies.

This bleak view of LGBT rights by GOP candidates is saddening but, in my opinion, not surprising. If this is any indicator of the direction that the advancement of LGBT rights is going, it should definitely shake up a response in LGBT people and their allies so that they get up and vote in November so that we can bring some balance to the US government. Anti-LGBT legislation is on the horizon, such as the proposal from the Trump administration that Randy Slavocek wrote about that would erase transgender identities. It is very important that if you're of voting age that you get out and vote to rid the US government of harmful politicians and legislation that negatively affects LGBTQ people.

h/t: GLAAD, Into More


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