And This Is Why We Have Pride. Man Attacks Magic Johnson’s Support Of His Gay Son EJ.

June is Pride month.  But it is not just the LGBT community that celebrates it and recognizes it.  Our support systems, allies, and families that are accepting of us celebrate, too.

In an interview back in November of 2013, Magic Johnson shared his thoughts on his son and his coming to terms with his son EJ being gay.



But there are those that decide to tweet, post, and respond from under their rocks once in a while. Luckily, even though the numbers may be a little wrong, we know how to respond.

The Reddit post has since been locked since some people became a little colorful with their responses, but here are a few we thought were interesting. Click on images for a larger view.


So his son may be worth $200 M, $2 M, or even $2.00.  His fashion may be amazing or a pile of crap.  No matter what his net worth or his skills, I think we all agree the mental value of the narrow minded Cav's fan may be in question.

And as others have pointed out, EJ is just one of Magic Johnson's sons.  He has another son named Andre Johnson, a business man.



What do you think?