Andrew Rannells Loves Being An Uncle: “I Excel At Fun With Them”

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Are you a guncle – meaning do you have nieces and nephews? The word guncle (gay uncle) has entered the lexicon of our world with many of us – myself included – lovingly adopting the term when referring to ourselves. One handsome star of Broadway and television who is definitely not jumping on the guncle bandwagon – Book of Mormon actor Andrew Rannells.

He much prefers the uncle title. The Black Monday actor sat down with People magazine to discuss his about to be released memoir, Uncle of the Year. The Tony Award nominee explained why the guncle moniker isn’t for him,


“I’m not a tangential character in my nieces’ and nephews’ lives. I’m their uncle. And it’s a little cutesy. I’m a 44-year-old man.”


The Girls star started wondering if he wanted children a decade ago thoughtfully considering his options. He ultimately decided on no, commenting “I had the luxury to think about it, to ask myself if I wanted kids. And the answer was no. And it was scary. I felt like maybe I should have done something differently.”

But as life sometimes does it throws us a curveball. Rannells met a man. A man who he was very interested in dating. A man who already had children, actor Tuc Watkins.




And as the Girls5Eva says, “all of that clarity disappeared. I was confronted with the fact that I was in love with someone who did have two children. Could I make that work? And what is my role in that.” Rannells explores that role, and life with his – count them TEN nieces and nephews — in his memoir.

In addition to nixing the Guncle title, Rannells was set on not fashioning his new role from a beloved Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon film,

“It was not like Stepmom.”


Uncle of the Year will be released on May 16, 2023

Source: People

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