Angela Ponce Becomes First Trans Woman Crowned Miss Universe Spain

As Pride Month comes to a close, history was made in Spain Friday night as Angela Ponce won the Miss Universe Spain pageant to be her country's representative at this year’s Miss Universe competition.


She is the first transgender woman to win the crown in her country

The 25-year-old has previously competed in the 2015 Miss World Spain competition representing Cadiz but failed to take home the crown that year.


At the time, she told the Daily Mail she felt like a winner anyway saying, “I have the regional crown on my head and I will keep fighting to make us seen, to make us heard and to demonstrate that I am already a queen with my own crown.”

“Society is not educated for diversity and that is what has made me go public,” she added. “Here I am and I'm not weird, I just have a different story.”

The Miss Universe competition has allowed transgender contestants to compete since 2012.

Watch Ponce's winning moment below.



8 thoughts on “Angela Ponce Becomes First Trans Woman Crowned Miss Universe Spain”

  1. “Her” story? Only if she’s

    "Her" story? Only if she's undergone a wangectomy and had a plastic vajayjay inserted. 

    Short of that, she's a "he". Still. Sanding down an Adam's apple doesn't count.

  2. She is a beautiful as Buffalo

    She is a beautiful as Buffalo Bill.

    Wow even more beautiful actually.

    I hope he didn't end up with any rectal fissures when they cut him open down there.

  3. If someone thinks they’re

    If someone thinks they're Napoleon or being hunted by aliens, you medicate them, but man gets fake tits and says he's a woman, you give him a crown? This is clown world.

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  5. Uhm, yeah, no. 

    Uhm, yeah, no. 

    But because of her story being the first trans to compete in Miss Universe for sure she will place


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