Announcements For Queer Trump Events Make No Mention Of ‘Gay’ Or ‘LGBTQ’

(flag image via Depositphotos; Donald Trump – White House/Flickr – Public Domain)

Gay Republicans, choosing to ignore Donald Trump’s anti-LGBTQ record, are instead holding ‘Trump Pride’ events in battleground states.

The first of the events, held Tuesday evening in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, featured homocon Richard Grenell (former U.S. Ambassador To Germany) who has led the late-in-the-game LGBTQ outreach for the Trump campaign, and Trump’s daughter in law, Lara Trump.


Queer folks, including activist/author Michelangelo Signorile, made note of the fact that the announcement didn’t use “LGBTQ” or “gay” in the announcement, so we’re not sure how much ‘pride’ was involved there.


Charles Moran, a co-chair for the ‘Trump Pride’ coalition, told the Washington Blade a second event is scheduled for Wednesday night in Phoenix, Arizona. Out conservative journalist, Chadwick Moore, currently the editor for the Log Cabin Republican’s Outspoken project, is scheduled to attend.

Additional gatherings are reportedly planned for Tampa, Florida, and more.

Prior to the ’Trump Pride’ events, a group calling itself OUTspoken held a gathering in Nashville which attracted an estimated 75 gay conservatives.



You’ll note not a trace of social distancing or face masks…

Moran told the Blade that the Nashville event was intended “to create a space to convene some of our major influencers and movement leaders in the center-right LGBTQ community.”


Trump and virulently anti-LGBTQ Vice President Mike Pence phoned in during the event to address the group and “express their appreciation.”

Brandon Straka, who hosted a “Walk Away” rally in Nashville the same weekend, said he hopes the Trump events will lead to “freeing LGBT people from the clutches of the destructive Democrat (sic) party.”

But not all Log Cabin Republicans are all the same page. As Instinct reported last fall, the organization’s endorsement of Trump for reelection led to several prominent members resigning from the group.

As has been widely reported by media outlets, the Trump administration has been a disaster for LGBTQ people with attacks on queer rights in the workplace, in health care, in public accommodations, adoptions and more.

(source: Washington Blade)