Another Young Gay Man Missing After Bar Hopping In Hell’s Kitchen


Another young gay man is missing in New York City after bar hopping in Hell’s Kitchen. Is his disappearance related to the string of robberies and murders plaguing the city and specifically young gay men in the very gay neighborhood of New York City?

Jordan Taylor, 29,  has been missing since January 6th. According to his family, he was last seen at the very popular bar The Q, on eighth avenue in NYC. His wallet and phone were found on January 7th in two separate Manhattan locations. Alton Taylor, Jordan’s brother, told PIX11 News, “My brother was going to CUNY law school. He was a little stressed out about finals.”

In November, Instinct reported on the mysterious deaths of two young men that shared striking similiarities. Both John Umberger and Julio Ramirez were found dead after being out in different bars in the same neighborhood Taylor was last seen in,

“The preliminary toxicology reports say that BOTH men died of drug overdoses. Clary [Umberger’s mother]believes the people responsible for her son’s death have robbed at least a dozen other gay men and worries that more will die. “We need to stop this,” she stated at the end of the interview.”


Alton told NBC New York that “I don’t want to rule out a heinous foul play. Like, I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t rule it out either.”




Sources: NBC New York

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