Anthology Web Series “Falling For Angels” Shows The Many Sides Of Gay L.A.

Gay men are insatiable when it comes to representation on our big and small screens, and that’s mostly because representation is still barely there.

Though GLAAD’s yearly report states that the 2017-2018 season showed the most LGBTQ characters on broadcast television, it’s ultimately still only 6.4% of tv characters.

On top of that, the report found that LGBTQ characters of color are underrepresented in the already underrepresented LGBTQ group. Most LGBTQ characters on tv are cisgender white men (specifically, 77% white characters on streaming and 64% on cable).

As such, whenever web series or tv shows take the time to represent LGBTQ people color, we have to talk about them and share them.

One such show to look out for is HereTV's Falling For Angels.

Falling For Angels depicts LGBTQ people of color living the polarizing life of being LGBTQ and also being a person of color.

Specifically, the half-hour anthology web series depicts different stories of queer men of color living in Los Angeles. Each story is different, tells stories of different characters facing different situations and circumstances and dealing with different dynamics of being queer and Black, Asian, Latino, Native, or whatever else.

The latest episode in the series is Falling for Angels: Koreatown, which depicts the relationship between Kevin (Ty Chen) and Gino (Dale Song).

The story starts with an app hookup between the two where the condom breaks.

“Did it get messy?” the bottom asks.

“You have nothing to worry about,” says the top. “I’m clean…The Cedars–Sinai emergency room has PEP. I’ll call you an Uber.”

The story then follows the two as they explore their relationship, their connection with the LGBTQ community, their separate Asian communities, the experience of being adopted, and more.

But, if you want to check that out, you can watch the episode down below.

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