Anthony Bowens Composed A Song To Celebrate His Boyfriend’s, Michael Pavano’s, Birthday

Anthony Bowens shows us again that he is a great guy.

The pro-wrestler came out as bisexual last year after participating in a Youtube video challenge. After that, he then shared with us the story of how he and his boyfriend Michael Pavano met. Now, Bowens is sharing an intimate moment between the two with the internet and the world.

Two days ago, it was Pavano’s birthday and Bowens decided to celebrate by making his boyfriend, of two years, a song.

Not only did Bowens sing the song, but he wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and recorded the whole thing himself… though he had help from music producer Nicco DiRenzi.

“I’m really bad at gift giving and I wanted to make sure that I did something special for him,” said Bowens to Outsports. “I was wracking my brain as to what it could be and I decided to go the creative route instead of something material.”

He also added:

“I tried to convey how much Michael has impacted my life and how he helped heal any pain and dismiss any fears I had prior to coming out and living my life freely.”

“I combined it with the way I felt after the first night we two years ago at a bar called Blackthorn in New Jersey and I how feel now in general. I don’t always express how I feel as much as I should, so I did my best to show him how much I love and appreciate him. Based upon his reaction (which I wish I recorded), I think I accomplished just that.”

Pavano then recorded his own video to share his reaction to the song.

Happy Belated Birthday to Michael Pavano, and best wishes to the happy couple.

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