Anti-LGBT Extremist Gains Lifetime Seat in Court of Appeals

 What's with anti-LGBT officials being sworn into positions of power? We have a vice president who has actively tried to deny equality for LGBTQ people in Indiana, a president who wants to ban transgender people from serving in the military, and a delegate that compared LGBT people to the KKK so I'm not that surprised when Lambda Legal reported that Trump-nominated Allison Rushing, a woman who has ties to the anti-gay hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, was recently given a lifetime seat in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

On March 5th, Sharon McGowan, the Legal Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Lambda Legal, issued a statement in which she argues against Rushing's confirmation. She wrote "Throughout her brief legal career, Allison Rushing has supported and closely associated herself with one of the most extreme anti-LGBT organizations operating in this country today, the Alliance Defending Freedom" and that instead of those things disqualifying her from serving in the Court of Appeals, those factors seemed to have made up for her inadequacies, such as her lack of experience or having no "meaningful professional connection to the state in which she will sit."

Rushing first started her affiliation with the ADF in 2005 when she interned as a law student and has since then co-authored an article with the ADF's senior counsel, authored amicus briefs (legal documents filed in appellate courts by someone with a strong interest in the subject matter but is not directly tied to the case) in support of the organization's position at least three times, and spoke at ADF events from the years 2012-2017. However, despite her very obvious involvement with the ADF, Rushing has repeatedly said that she is unaware of any anti-LGBT policies that the organization holds, even though they make it very clear on their website where they stand, with the organization advocating for the recriminalization of homosexuality and supporting forced sterilization of transgender people.

In addition to her involvement with the ADF, Rushing has also defended the Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage is between one man and one woman.

The Fourth Circuit hears appeals from nine districts in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and by Rushing being given a lifetime position in this Circuit, she will have the power to negatively affect LGBT rights in those five states.

The original reason for people being appointed to lifelong positions was to ensure that the politicians will not be influenced by the other branches of the government. However, being that they are appointed for life, there is a very real potential for abuse of powers.  

h/t: Lambda Legal, Judiciary.Senate.Gov, ADF

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