Apparently, These Men Don’t Want To Be Double Stuffed

Photo credit: Oreo/Nabisco

Not even snacks are safe from a conservative’s wrath.

Recently, Oreo partnered with PFLAG (the largest LGBT ally group) to create a two-minute promotional film with a lot of pride. Directed by Alice Wu, the mini-movie shows a young Chinese-American man during the beginning of his coming out experience. The project is noteworthy because of its huge sponsorship, but also due to the fact that it depicts an audience not normally showcased in mainstream media.


As part of the partnership, Oreo donated $500,000 to PFLAG so that the corporation owned by Nabisco can help the charity continue its goal of supporting gay rights. 

This endearing gesture, however, has ruffled the feathers of Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, New York Times best-seller Ben Shapiro and anti-abortion activist Lila Rose. All three responses to the short film can be found below, but Greg Kelly’s “I do not like gay cookies” is the most hilarious.

Before you read the ridiculous tweets, watch The Note






Sources: Salon, The Star 

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