Are Ride Share Apps Better Than Dating Apps?

Are Ride Share Apps Better Than Dating Apps?

Does Uber Get You Laid More Than Grindr?

Weekends are always an excuse to get together with your closest friends and have fun conversations. If you’re lucky like I am, you’re able to incorporate these fun conversations with alcohol and mindless games. Before hitting the town or simply staying inside someone’s cozy apartment, my friends and I love to gather and play a variety of drinking games. When we aren’t dominating Disney trivia or lying to one a version of Mafia, we decide to participate in games that involve drinking heavily and revealing embarrassing secrets.  A game we often revert back to is Never Have I Ever. It’s an easy game that requires you to put your fingers up and you move counter-clockwise throughout your group of friends. Each time someone states they haven’t done something that you have, you put a finger down and are forced to take a drink. The Never Have’s are endless and range from mild questions (Snowboarding), to sexual (Sex in public), to funny (Farted on a first date).

During my fun game over the weekend, one of my friends tells: Never Have I Ever Hooked Up With An Uber (Lyft) Driver. To my complete surprise – everyone – including myself, put a hand down. We have all gotten with someone we’d met off the ride share app! Are we hoes? NO! It takes two to tango. There was probably about twelve of us in the same room. We all laughed and exchanged stories. One particular friend who is a Lyft driver, openly stated that he has gotten laid more after becoming one of those brave souls who will cart us around town.

Is there a reason behind someone being more attracted to the person driving them? Is it easier to flirt knowing this person can’t escape you? Or vice versa?! I have fun myself attracted to a handful of drivers that have come to rescue me to take me home after a drunken night. In general, the drivers are mostly nicer than random strangers since they are, you know…working! Are Uber and Lyft better to find a quality, nicer, not insane man instead of dating apps such as Grindr?!

Have you ever hooked up with one of your Uber drivers?!

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  1. As an Uber driver I can tell

    As an Uber driver I can tell you that I have been hit on many times, almost always by gay men. Sometimes I politely reject (got to get those 5 stars) but about once a week I would hookup with my passenger….sometimes passengers. Sometimes it's in the car and other times I'm invited in at the destination. I've also had oral sex performed while driving and others in the car have watched and other times it turns into a group activity. I've deleted Grindr from my phone but I still have the Uber app. They are usually incredibly hot and good looking too.


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