Are you an Ace at Home Decorating? Test your knowledge against these 37 Cheat Sheets?

So yes, I can change the breaks, spark plugs, alternator, starter, anything on a car.  I can as well sew, quilt, bake a cake, make and recover furniture, wall paper a home, demolish, paint, and even shave my own back (and I'm a hairy mofo, too).  I like to think I'm a well rounded kind of guy.  When I say I enjoy decorating, it just ads to what I enjoy doing.  So, when something comes along that would simplify any of these activities, I get excited.  My jaw dropped to the floor when I stumbled across my most recent find. 

I want to thank whomever over at for putting together these 37 Home Decorating Cheat Sheets all in one place.  I think they will meet the needs of any home decorator, seasoned or new to the experience.   When it comes to decorating, I know what I like, but don't always know the name of the style, treatment, or even color.  Currently, I am renting a furnished place while I look for a new home.  This page will be helpful when it comes time to make my new place a home.

Definitely definitely definitely go to to view the entire list with its 37 categories.

Do you know everything there is to know about home decor? Going over the list is not as fun as an episode of "The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price," but it's still an exciting learning experience.

Glancing at all 37, I found the following probably my most favorite to ogle. 

Of course the biggest thing to remember is that it's called molding in this country, but moulding is a fine spelling for the commonwealth.

This makes me think of picking out chairs for a wedding and which ones are safe for babies to be around, if you are going to allow children at your wedding.

I know I dislike the simplicity of parquet wood flooring, but for tiles, I am not sure.  There are more patterns on the website.

I wish I had this knowledge when I was recovering my couches years ago.  There's a cheat sheet for chairs, too, which I will need in the immediate future.

The way some of us bounce around town, there might be plenty of knowledge in the headboard category.  Next time you're resting your head, neck, or ankles against one, it might be one of these designs.  Study up!

If you're fancy and have more pillows than square footage on top of your bed, go over to to see where they all should go.   The nice part about bookmarking, there are links to other pages with more in depth descriptions.

Ok Heath, you were correct in your color styling.  You're a super stylist and super gay and we love yah.  And that is why there was a yellow linoleum floor in the kitchen when you bought the house, but the dark hardwood one you put down does look better.

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