Are You Ready for a Gay Dating Reality Show Like You’ve Never Seen Before?

A campy new gay dating show is set to premiere on November 4th on Zeus, a network that specializes in hip hop and minority programming. The show entitled TiTi Do You Love Me? is a Bachelor/Flavor of Love-type format that revolves around Titi, a character created by comedian and social media personality Kway who has over 3 million followers. The title of the show is inspired by Drake’s challenge-starting song ‘In My Feelings’ which asks ‘Kiki Do You Love Me?


On the show, ten eligible bachelors battle to win the heart of TiTi who in the trailer claims “I just wanna be wanted by somebody other than the police.”


Sure, the show seems a little over the top, but isn’t that what we love about reality-style television shows?

Who knows if Titi is really looking for love or if the show is more scripted than reality, but one thing is for sure—it’s perfect for inviting your ratchet friends over for Jell-o shots and seeing who gets that final—rose? gold chain clock?

Watch the trailer for the new show TiTi Do You Love Me?

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for a Gay Dating Reality Show Like You’ve Never Seen Before?”

  1. I don’t see how a man looking

    I don't see how a man looking like a woman and carrying out the fantasy of assuming the role of a woman in a dating show is supposed o be appealing to gay men. Even if it is comedy it is the same old fetishisation of heterosexuality. Nothing to do with homosexuality.





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