Arizona Politician’s Siblings Run Adversarial Video to Vote Him Out of Office

Paul Gosar, a staunch Republican congressman from Arizona who is currently serving as member of the House of Representatives, is running for reelection. Much to his dismay, his six siblings strongly oppose his views and are supporting his opposition, Dr. David Brill.

Gosar has said many misleading and factually incorrect statements, such as that the white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, North Carolina in which white nationalist James Alex Fields Jr. ran his car into a crowd of counterprotesters and killed Heather Heyer, was a false-flagoperation orchestrated by the left and supported Tommy Robinson, a far-Right politician from the UK with anti-Muslim leanings. In addition, he supports the coal industry and created a bill that would help the construction of Donald Trump's main talking point, the Mexican border wall, which would waste billions of dollars that the US does not have to spend.

His six siblings, David, Gaston, Grace, Jennifer, Joan, and Tim Gosar saw that what Paul stood for is ultimately harmful to democracy and decided to support Dr. David Brill, a Democrat who supports patients, the elderly, business owners and more, and opposes the cut-and-spend tactics used by Republicans.



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