Artist Transforms Himself Into Disney Villains!

Artist Transforms Himself Into Disney Villains

Someone Get Him On Disney's Make-Up Team, Stat!

Talk about Disney mania!

It's no surprise that Disney is on the tip of everyone's tongue. The films and Disney culture are a part of everyone's lives! We've all been affected by Disney in some way. I cannot be the only one who cried myself to sleep after watching The Fox And The Hound. How can you not love their movies?!

Disney is modernizing their animated classics into live action films. Beauty And The Beast was done flawlessly and The Jungle Book was mesmerizing! Now, we're all discussing the latest casting choices for the upcoming Aladdin. Most recently, I told you who I would cast in the upcoming live action Disney films. I may have spoken to soon…

According to Buzzfeed, Jooskellington, a self-taught artist has been transforming himself into Disney villains! Are you like me and are just finding out about Jooskellington?! Well, I've done some dirty work for you and found some of his best looks via Instagram!

"Holy Inquisition Witch"



"Evil Queen"


You have to check out the video where I got introduced to Jooskellington! These looks, put in motion, are so creative and beautiful!

Head over to Jooskellington's Instagram to check out his endless amount of looks!

Which is your favorite?!

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