Aspiring Actor Somlit Is Gracing Our Screens With Sexy Asian Male Representation

Last week, we discovered a video where five Asian men danced and ground their way into the hearts (and pants) of a few girls and one guy. We loved the video so much, we had to share it all with you. Not only that, we had to look into the guy who orchestrated the whole video.

But first, you guys have to watch the hot viral video yourselves.

But again, who is this “Asian Magic Mike?” Well, his name is Somlit.


This project really, really means a lot to me… . A moment to be real about this project #AsianMagicMike. . I've had this vision in my head for 3 years. I’ve beaten myself up for 3 years wondering why I didn’t make it happen yet, why have I not gotten in shape yet to do this, what am I waiting on? But I think everything happens for a reason. “Every no is on time, and every yes is on time.” – @ariannabasco__ . And the timing couldn’t have been better to release this. With so much dialogue going on, and so much thirst for representation, I really believe it happens for a reason and that this could potentially grow to provide such great opportunity… . But not only has this project been about the possibilities, but its also been about myself… This project is probably the first instance where I finally decided to take a step forward for myself as the artist I want to be. I’ve been fighting, I’ve been helping, I’ve been growing my skills, but I haven’t been owning myself. I haven’t been shining my own light, and I feel like this small little dance video, is just the first step in owning my art. . As an Asian American, I can dive into such a complex understanding of why we especially have such a hard time accepting ourselves as artists, but this is my moment that I am. I of course want this to uplift so many other voices around me, but I’m learning the more I hold my voice up high first, the more I can help other voices shine as well. . So even though I’m going broke, running on empty, I am just so blessed that I am owning something of mine. Thank you to those who constantly support my journey and uplift my voice. I am forever grateful for your time and belief in me. I sincerely have so much love for you. . Now lets get this on Ellen, and in front of Channing Tatum. . : @sheldonbotler

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Somlit seems like a young actor trying to make his way in the entertainment business. As with many people starting out in the industry, he’s found himself having to self-create and produce in order to get his name out there.

While looking around, we were able to find an earlier video that he created and starred in. The video was created to show his acting skills and hopefully get him a gig in the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians film. While he sadly didn’t get a part, we have to commend him for trying.

Then, his latest attempt at getting some attention was this Asian Magic Mike video. Not only do we appreciate the video for Somlit’s entrepreneurialism, the Asian male representation, and the sexy men, but we also appreciate that he threw in some gay representation as well.

So hats off to Somlit. He’s a young actor trying to make his way while also making representation for others too.

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  1. Good for he and his follow

    Good for he and his follow dancers/actors I think they did a great job and I hope it opens a few more doors for al of them


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