Attorney General Nominee Defends his Stance on HIV Prison Camps

Attorney General nominee William Barr defends unconstitutional HIV prison camps that were in place during the Bush Sr. presidency, according to Pink News.

William Barr held the position of Attorney General from 1991 to 1993 under President George H. W. Bush. During that time, he was responsible for the detaining of HIV_ Haitian asylum seekers in dirty and unpleasant conditions in Guantanamo Bay. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut pressed Barr on this issue in which he described people having to live in camps surrounded by barbed wire and plastic bags tied to the side of buildings to keep rain out. He asked Barr if he had any regrets about his decision and that it was his decision to keep the asylum seekers in Guantanamo Bay indefinitely. 

Barr responded with “HIV was an exclusion [from entry to the United States], you could not admit anyone with HIV… you cannot admit someone with HIV except by case-by-case waiver based on extreme circumstance.” The case-by-case basis mostly included pregnant women or people who were not fully-blown. 

Approximately three-hundred asylum seekers were detained in Guantanamo Bay. They had to, according to reports, live in the camp without appropriate medical care and eat maggot-infested food and cramped spaces. 

Barr does not have a good track record regarding LGBTQ rights, as, in an article he wrote for The Catholic Lawyer he denounced the "homosexual movement" and expressed his displeasure for LGBT anti-discrimination laws. He also blamed LGBTQ people for the decrease in Catholic influence in American society. 

Sarah Kate Ellis is (rightfully) worried that if Barr does become the Attorney General, he will perpetuate the Trump administration's erasure of LGBTQ people from society. 

Barr is clearly biased against LGBTQ people and people living with HIV, so it is not surprising that Ellis would think something like that. If Barr gets instated to this position, he will represent the US government in legal matters which could be very bad news for LGBTQ Americans.

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  1. I can only agree with Barr

    I can only agree with Barr that there has been a decrease in Catholic influence since the advent of the gay (homosexual) movement. 
    For centuries being inside the clerical domain of the church has provided the biggest closet for many centuries for Gay people in the Western World.
    Since Gay Liberation having such a closeted, homophobic environment has become redundant. In the process the Catholic Church has lost a lot of visionary and talented people.
    Who of us wants to go back such a world?


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