Austin Wolf, Bear Soup, Bald Hotties + More

Yassrr Marta, Austin Wolf, and Okkar Min Maung lead off our weekly Instagram round-up
L-R Yasser Marta, Austin Wolf, Okkar Min Maung (via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts from the week beginning with Austin Wolf, who is ready to “evolve”…

Grant in Wisconsin (left in pic) was all up in some ‘bear soup’…

…while Curtis Hamilton was off chasing waterfalls…

…and physical therapist Cory Freeman was doing the pool party thing down in Austin:

And speaking of – austin_n_austin showed just how awesome an ice-blue Speedo can be:

Artist Okkar Min Maung went looking for cookies Castro-style:

VikingMuscleBear served up furry, bald, ginger goodness:

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley has launched a new line clothing line for Pride with all proceeds going to the Rainbow Railroad charity which helps LGBTQ individuals escape persecution and get to safety.

Chris Cragg painted the town red:

Luis Vieira found a big, furry, dance partner:

Jaymes Vaughan says husband Jonathan Bennett captions Insta-posts like a 20-year-old in 2013…LOL

Joven Calloway celebrated his one-year anniversary with bf Taylor Collins in Puerto Vallarta:

Matthew Camp took in the view (make sure you check out his hashtags):

THAI played with his favorite pooch in the park:

Texas Boeuf got all wet and muddy biking in Colorado:

Bruno Baba did the ‘before/after pandemic’ thing. For the record, we like both versions of Bruno:

Actor/singer Yasser Marta was heating up in the Philippines:

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