Austin Wolf, Reno Gold, And More Insta Eye-Candy

Round-up our favorite Instagram posts this week including Reno Gold and Austin Wolf about to get into some double-trouble
L-R Reno Gold and Austin Wolf (via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagrams this week starting with Austin Wolf and Reno Gold, who were about to get into some double trouble:

It’s football season, and Sean reflected on his quarterback dreams:

Roberto Portales has a really long snorkel:

Sam Cushing picked out an outfit:

GayUncleMario began this round-up of gay memes with a special message:

ABC News guy Gio Benitez and hubby Tommy Didario, who love a theme party, pulled out the disco duds and got down: 

Sterling Walker paused to pose in Palm Springs with his bestie:

Ivan’s smile, like the colors of Alaska’s autumn, is golden: 

Chris Cragg and friends headed to London to say goodbye to the queen:

Facundo Rodriguez reluctantly said goodbye to summer…

…as Max Emerson caught the tail end of summer swell season:

Pierre Vuala settled into that Sunday mood:

Just another reason why we love rugby:

Chubby Tanuki shared a cute porch moment at his homo-habitat:

Bruno Baba took a trip down memory lane (be sure to swipe through the pics):

Elliott and Louis conducted an experiment:

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  1. Glad we are not talking about what a horrible person Portales is… had the chance to work at a restaurant he walked it… nasty nasty person… dude you ain’t Meryl


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