Australian Prime Minister Says No More Expulsion for Gay Students Based on their Sexuality

In some Australian states, religious schools are permitted to expel LGBTQ students because of their sexuality. Today, October 13th, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, created new legislation that would prevent schools from discriminating against gay pupils, according to BBC.

The decision to reverse this discriminatory policy came about after Morrison was found defending leaked proposals from a report on religious freedom. The new proposals would allow all schools nationwide to discriminate against LGBT students based on their sexuality, and on October 10th, Morrison said that the proposals were already "existing law." If the proposals went through, it would have ensured that faith-based schools had the right to turn down gay students.

The proposals were made a year after same-sex marriage had become legal and suggested that private schools have procedures in place to reject LGBTQ students that would be spread nationwide, which would have been a huge blow to human rights in Australia.  

Morrison also said that the proposals would have been carried out respectfully, but backtracked three days later and said that religious schools should not have the right to discriminate. He said, "Given recent misreporting, we have an opportunity here to bring forward a simple amendment to end the confusion."

I do not think that religious schools should have the right to discriminate against anyone, not just LGBTQ people, regardless of whether or not that they are privately funded. But that could be because I was raised in a secular household… The decision to block religious schools in Australia from turning down and/or expelling LGBTQ students is a step in the right direction, although I suspect this decision was made due to public backlash.

h/t: BBC

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