Barilla Released Limited Edition Spaghetti Featuring a Lesbian Couple on the Box

On a list of my favorite things, gay representation and carbohydrates are pretty close to the top. Barilla, the popular pasta company, recently released a limited edition box of spaghetti that features a lesbian couple enjoying the pasta together, according to LGBTQ Nation.

At the Barilla-sponsored World Pasta Championship, the limited edition boxes were given to event goers. The illustration of two women enjoying some spaghetti à la Lady and the Tramp was done by Olimpia Zagnoli, an artist who Barilla's chief diversity officer, Kristen Anderson respects. She commented that the artwork on the box is "simple and joyful, like spaghetti with tomato sauce."

Barilla wasn't always so accepting of homosexuality, however. In 2013, Barilla chairman Guido Barilla publicly declared that he would not feature a homosexual couple in his advertisements and that gay people can eat a different brand if they don't like it. He also says that he is against same-sex couples adopting children. Guido did apologize for saying those things in a video in which he expresses that he has always respected everyone he met and that he will try to be more open-minded about LGBTQ people. 

Although he apologized (and it's up to you to decide whether or not he was being sincere), multiple people boycotted the company and took Guido's advice and ate a different brand. Zagnoli herself immediately stopped buying Barilla products. She was surprised that Barilla accepted her drawing of a lesbian couple enjoying the pasta together. She says: "It turns out while I was protesting in my kitchen Barilla made significant progress, radically redefining its code of ethics and adjusting its internal policies.” And it seems that Barilla really did change their mind about LGBTQ people and that the boycotting was effective.

Or was this just an attempt to save face?

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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  1. While the artwork on the

    While the artwork on the Barilla box is very nice, I have boycotted Barilla since 2013 and will never buy it again. There are other, better, healthier pastas that have made it to my kitchen cupboards. I also boycott Nestle, Gilette and above all, Proctor and Gamble,  The latter two test on laboratory animals, and P&G makes Iams, which is well-advertised, but it's one of the worst cat foods out there. Google Iams Kills and see what they have to say about the product.  My cat eats nothing but Freshpet, which is much healthier for her eating patterns.


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