Battling Homophobia, France Launches Nationwide Anti-Bullying Campaign in Schools

Je suis content to know that France is actively trying to combat homophobia in schools by launching an anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign in high schools throughout the nation, according to Gay Star News.


On the 28th, the French Ministry of National Education and Youth launched All Equal, All Allies, a campaign that makes sure the all high schools in France put up anti-bullying posters and provide students and staff with guides about LGBTQ students for teachers. 

SOS Homophobia is the organization that paved the path for this campaign as a way to help LGBTQ students feel more welcomed and accepted in schools. The group discovered that there was a 31% increase in anti-LGBTQ incidents in 2018. Such incidents can and most often do cause negative effects on the victims, such as lowered self-esteem and depression. 

Many LGBTQ activists believe that the number of anti-LGBTQ incidents is actually higher, as many people do not report them.

This anti-bullying campaign is a great idea because often, LGBTQ people aren't accepted in many places, and schools are definitely a hotbed of potential exclusion and bullying. France is doing the right thing; I hope the US can follow suit. 

h/t: Gay Star News

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