Bearded and Burly Men Embrace Their Inner Mermaid to Raise Attention to Violence Prevention

Last year they raised over $300,000 towards mental health research and they're back to raise awareness of violence and to help violence prevention. The Merb'ys of Newfoundland in Canada are a group of burly, bearded men who pose against beautiful Newfoundland landscapes. A genius concept, really, because who doesn't like beautiful men and beautiful nature pictures?

In addition to being great to look at, the Merb'ys are raising awareness of violence in Canada, with proceeds going to Violence Prevention Newfoundland and Labrador. In doing this, the Merb'ys sending out the message that violence will not be tolerated.

The purpose of the 2019 calendar is to challenge traditional masculinity to help curb violence. The photoshoot included men of all shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and gender identities to showcase that there is beauty in differences. Merb'ys is doing a great public service by donating their money to violence prevention programs while also being all inclusive with a variety of different models. The creator of Merb'ys, Hasan Hai, never expected this concept to make as much money as it did, but judging by last year's profits, it's safe to assume that people love strong, husky men.



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