Being Fluid, Exploring And Never Having To ‘Land On A Letter’

Eliot Mac as ‘Eric’ (screen capture)

YouTube wise-guy Michael Henry runs into Eric (Eliot Mac) on the streets of West Hollywood as he’s heading to brunch at Woody’s (“They have the best vodka!”).

But when Henry wishes him a “nice, fun, gay brunch,” Eric feels the need to clarify: “I’m not gay.” 


***glass break***

A stunned Michael Henry does a double-take, then asks, “Ok, but you were at Danny’s rooftop game night/sex party, right?”

“And?” Replies Eric.

“And ten guys ran a train on your a**!”


“Choo-choo – so what?”

Michael Henry (screen capture)

As Henry tries to digest the seemingly opposing positions, Eric explains he doesn’t “do labels.”

“I’m Eric, I’m 21, and I’m a human being.”


The admitted ‘smooth bottom twink’ wants to live in a world “where one can be fluid and just explore and never have to know what word they are.”

His plan is to “explore forever – you don’t have to land on a letter.”

Watch the exchange (directed by Paul McGovern Jr.) below. 

What do you think, readers? Are labels useful for understanding the world we live in? Or are people more complex and ever-changing than a letter in an acronym?

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